4 Unique Ways To Preserve Your Wedding Memories

There’s way too much time spent ensuring that every element of the wedding has been taken care of. After all, getting married is one of life’s most memorable events. Its mistreatment disregards its significance to those who want to take their relationships to the next level. Fortunately, many people are willing to take marriage seriously, encouraging them all to be successful from start to finish.

All of it might feel like a dream once the wedding is over. With their perfect day going so smoothly, everything could become a blur from how quickly the day passes. Some newlyweds believe their fun was cut short. At the same time, others may be too tired to even pose for the videographer—both situations render the newlyweds unable to soak in everything properly. Therefore, the next best solution is to preserve their wedding memories instead.

  • Record Your Wedding

An excellent way to relive every moment of something as special as a wedding is to record everything. Taking pictures naturally won’t be enough, especially if you want to experience all of it over again, from the sights to the sounds and everything in between. Since you’re the star on your special day, ask someone else to capture special moments to edit later on, regardless of whether they’re sweet or funny. 

But as personal as it is for a friend or family member to record the wedding, hiring a Vancouver wedding videographer or other videography services still makes all the difference in the world. They can capture memories expertly. And since this is their area of expertise, expect them to create a video that perfectly emulates how special that day was. 

However, before you hire someone, check their reviews from previous clients to have a glimpse of their reputation. Otherwise, relying on them blindly might build you up for failure once you have the results. It’s better to be certain that you paid for the quality you expect from them to keep your spirits up, even after the wedding.

  • Preserve Your Flowers
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Not all wedding ceremonies feature brides carrying bouquets while walking down the aisle. Considering the diversity of cultures around the world, it’s safe to say that various traditions are being upheld. However, almost all of them have flowers decorating the venue. Whether they’re included as décor or not, each flower breed has a meaning that embodies the emotions shared between those who are about to get bonded for life.

Naturally, you’ll want to preserve these emotions for as long as possible. Lucky for you, it’s a quick fix if you have a professional flower preserver use chemicals to either quick-dry the flowers to store them in a frame using silica gel or freeze-dry the entire bouquet to keep the whole thing intact. But you can also hang them to dry before arranging them into ornaments.

  • Repurpose Your Wedding Outfit

It takes time and careful thought to design the perfect wedding dress. Because not only should it fit the theme of the ceremony, but  also accommodate the bride’s preferences and ensure comfort from start to finish. However, its most important quality is how well it can make the bride shine on their special day.

Although considering how they’re tailored specifically for a wedding, it’s unlikely for wedding dresses to be worn anytime soon unless you want to pass them down to your children someday. But given how far away that is, all you can do for now is give it a total makeover. Refashion it by adding new features, like beads or ribbons to give it a new look. 

Breathing new life into it while retaining some of its original qualities would make it perfect to wear for anniversary weddings. Think of it as a nostalgic trip for the first time you got married, even if you’ve been together for thirty years or so.

  • Make A Time Capsule
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Many memories can be made in a single day, and weddings are the perfect place for making meaningful memories. With so many guests involved in witnessing your union, ask them to give something thoughtful to the couple. You could record their responses and ask them questions about why the couple belongs to each other or if they have any advice they can give. But since not everyone is comfortable discussing their thoughts, distribute questionnaires or have a keepsake box at your reception instead.

Collect all of them and store them in a time capsule for you to open further down the line of your marriage. Aside from your guests’ thoughts, don’t be afraid to include something personal that you want to show your future self, like some dried blooms from your bouquet or the cake topper from your wedding cake. Put in anything you think would give your future self a ‘blast from the past’ as soon as they open the time capsule.


Weddings are unquestionably magical. But just like any magic show, you’re left wanting more with how much you want to keep it going. Luckily, the memories you’ve made on your special day can stay with you for as long as possible once you learn how to preserve them.