How to cover tattoos for work – Try any of these 4 ways!

Have you read the Matthew Whelen case? The man from Birmingham, UK, who self-fashioned his name to Body Art King with 90% of his body covered in tattoos, has been facing some workplace issues. 

Admit it – you did not think that an inked symbol of freedom or belief (as you may call it) could create issues at work (though you have perhaps one or two). Albeit – so much that you are here seeking queries such as – how to cover tattoos for work? Well – be assured – you have finally clicked on the right post. This post will explore the details of the same and will try to provide some respite to your seemingly regular issue. Read through this post to get clarity on the same.

how to cover tattoos for work

What does the law state?

An independent survey conducted back in 2019 depicted – compared to previous times, employers and people, in general, have become more accepting in terms of body art. In fact, over 55% of the US population have a tattoo, and there is no legal recourse that stops employers from hiring the concerned people (the working population). Also, if there is no specific mention of the same in the Terms and Conditions of the company – there’s little chance that you will be removed from your position because of a tattoo!

So, why this query? Here’s the response to the same –

How to cover tattoos for work?

Though legally, there is no resort to removing an employee for inking on their body, a casual remark which could reach borderline disgraceful or even some unwanted attention in the office could make you want to cover your belief up. So, how to cover tattoos for work? For starters – clothes and makeup!! 

1. Covering up with clothes

Always works! If you have your tattoo on some prominent part of the body, for example, your hands, your neck, or even your lower body, it is best to wear full-length clothes or trousers to cover the same. However – in clothes, there is no restriction as such, and you can choose to wear tight-fitting clothes as well as long as you are comfortable.

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Now – say, for example – you have to wear clothes that are not covering your hands (especially the tattooed area); in that case, you can always add a blazer or a cardigan to complete the look. If you are wearing short sleeves in the office, you can very well wear tattoo sleeves that will assist in keeping the tattooed area covered.

#Be assured – in the office, nobody would ask you to come in shorts. Therefore – the trousers work just fine, keeping you within the response of how to cover tattoos for work. 

Special Mention – What if you have a new tattoo? In that case – you must wear loose clothing to cover the area and before that, make sure that you wrap the inked area with a bandage – so that your clothes are not in direct touch with your tattoo.

This strategy works for both genders.

how to cover tattoos for work

2. If you are covering it, then cover it with style 

Since the only way how to cover tattoos for work is by wrapping this gorgeous piece of body art up, then why not add a touch of style to it?

Say – you have your tattoo on the neck or just a little above your shoulders or your breasts (for females especially); the way out is to scarf it up! Wrap around a scarf – quite like a bandhgala (for the men) or some dainty little 70s pop-style scarf (for the women).

Apart from scarves, alternate them with shawls (use them like a thick snow wrap around your neck) or an ascot (breathable silk material).

Dear women, not in the mood for a scarf? Let your mane flow!! Drop down your locks for the day and enjoy your cuppa before heading off to the office, leaving behind thoughts such as how to cover tattoos for work.

Specifically for women now – how about covering your tattoo at work with a pair of high-ankle socks or boots, cotton-opaque legwear, or a pair of slacks? Make sure that the material is made of cotton and that the fabric does not stick to your body.

3. For this day, makeup was invented! 

As a woman – at times for a man too – do you feel that thanks to a dash of primer or concealer – you could primarily conceal some facts? Well – the makeup here could answer the query – how to cover tattoos for work, at least in this case.

how to cover tattoos for work
Image Credit: Stone Girl

Start with a primer – a thin layer on the tattoo and then allow it to dry. After that, if there is a requirement for a color corrector, then you can use it or let it be. In the next step, you will have to cover the tattoo with a generous amount of foundation, after which the role of concealer begins. Done? Dust the area with loose powder, use the finishing spray to fix it, and you are set to go for your work – minus the existence of that tattoo.

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4. You can try to be artsy – it might work well! 

Say your tattoo was all about belief or faith or perhaps a hint of romance from a now-unwanted ex; what would you do then? In this case – you can just try to redraw it and make it a little more artistic in a manner where even if it is evident, there will not be much need for a cover-up.

If it still seems uncomfortable – you can use the strategies mentioned in this post on how to cover tattoos for work and apply some of the techniques.

Tried out all means? Well – just a passing note. If you have a small tattoo to hide, you can always use some jewelry to cover the area. Perhaps a small neckpiece or a ring could save your tattoo from being noticed. 

Is any alternative available?

Alternatives are always available only if you can be a little flexible. When you initially got inked, you did not think that you would have to seek a response to this query – how to cover tattoos for work someday. Now that you are better prepared for your next tattoo, you perhaps could –

  • Choose an unidentifiable place – maybe your heels, your backside, or behind your earlobes. Also – try to keep the tattoo small and restricted to a specific area.


  • You can also try choosing tattoos that can be recolored. Especially – when you choose black ink, it can often be retouched with either red or orange shades to make it less prominent.

As they say – to be better prepared is the way out in most cases.

Wrapping up

Well, that’s about it to answer your query –  how to cover tattoos for work. As you have already read the article, you are aware of the scenarios that can occur at your workplace and the rescue mode out of it. We hope this post benefitted you correctly and sincerely wish you leave your comments behind.