How to take a good picture of yourself? An instant guide!

Picture this: You are lazing around in the park in your casuals. The sunbeams caress your face. The trees provide the perfect backdrop. You take out your phone and click an awful picture of yourself!! Quite sad, isn’t it? No worries!! You are not the first one to do so. But you can be the last! So, how to take a good picture of yourself? In this article – we have it covered. Buckle up!

How to take a good picture of yourself?

This section will show some general rules associated with clicking good pictures. Whatever the condition or setting – and whether you are clicking for a display picture or a general photo – these are some thumb rules that you must know. Proceeding –

#Rule 1 – Place the camera far from the object (yourself) 

First, of the thumb rule – you will have to keep the camera far from the face. Most cameras or phones (when you take a selfie) have a wide lens that affects the picture quality (distorts it if kept too near). If brought too close, it will have the fisheye effect.

Also, if you place the phone or camera on a stand or tripod – adjust its distance and height (place it a little higher than the straight position). To gauge the distance, place an object for estimation.

how to take a good picture of yourself

#Rule 2 – Check the backdrop 

Choose a backdrop that exudes a natural flow of light. Going in for softer lights, or if you are outside, a shaded spot is better for clicking good pictures. You will have to ensure that the background is not stark, which would hurt the eyes.

Do not use a camera flash; choose lamp lighting to maximize the effect indoors.

#Rule 3 – Have you checked your composition? 

The composition is very important if you are trying to learn how to take a good picture of yourself. Have you decided on the kind of shot that you want to take? Is it a full-body shot, a close-up shot, or a selfie type?

  • If you want to frame only your eyes, hold the camera up and place your face, so the eyes are a third down from the shot.
  • Are you looking for a complete shot? Then hold the camera at a little higher angle and move your body to the right or left.
  • In this case, unlike others – your phone’s rear camera, or you can simply use the digital camera you are comfortable with.
  • Focussing on the angles is very important. The forehead, body, and chin area must be in tune while you follow the 1/2 or the 3/4 outline format.
  • Practice the poses in advance. Whether it is the natural poses or the smiley-face ones, you must know your disposition well for the best results.
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how to take a good picture of yourself

#Rule 4 – The epic Rule of Thirds 

This is specifically for the ones who prefer to capture their shot via their phones. In this – you will have to use the grid outline that your phone has and place your phone in a way that the face does not breach the background. The tic-tac-toe format is used, and the face is placed either on the right, or the bottom left.

#Just saying: The points that you have read above may be exercised well if you are solo – either generally or are traveling solo. If you have company – just ask the person to click!  

#Rule 5 – What if someone else is clicking? 

Then you have the problem solved. Ask the concerned person to follow the steps mentioned above, and you can clarify the composition.

What if it is for Instagram?

It may be taken for granted that if you are looking for how to take a good picture of yourself – it would most probably be to perfect your Instagram DP. We understand you, folks!! So, here’s the tutorial for the same.

#Rule 1 – Have you checked your device? 

For the unversed – your phone has multiple settings in the camera that you may adjust accordingly. From the lights to the filter – consult the manual that came with the phone and check out which settings suit your requirement.

#Rule 2 – Adjust the light 

It has been mentioned beforehand in the article that – you have to adjust the light appropriately to mark your presence in the photo.

Some of the tips that you may follow are – choosing a shady spot, avoiding any harsh or mid-day lighting, and avoiding the flash of your camera (phone in this case). Instead – you choose soft-lamp lighting or play with the flattering sunlight – in the early mornings and late evenings!

You will have to adjust the brightness of your phone camera to highlight the face along with the background – but it must not wash out thoroughly.

#Rule 3 – Composition is important 

From the angles to the set-up to the pose – you have to check everything while clicking for Insta!! With Instagram accounts, opt for natural poses and check your angles well. That done – move on and take a mirror to check your poses.

If you have checked – there are options such as Time Lapse and Photo Burst that you can use to click the ideal Insta-worthy DP!!

how to take a good picture of yourself

#Rule 4 – Position the camera well 

There’s nothing like having a selfie stick or a tripod – use them to your benefit. If not available, place the camera at a slightly higher angle than your eye line to avoid a distorted image.

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#Rule 5 – Finishing the editing is important 

Done with the clicking? Now it is time for the editing!! You need to rely on the filters present when you are editing your picture to make it look good (who doesn’t love an amazing DP!). You have many offerings, from monochrome shades to nightlife filters to stardust sprinkles.

That done – the cropping, the placement of the image, and the mode can be set as you choose.

How to take professional mugshots?

This is another crucial aspect of learning – how to take a good picture of yourself is understanding different ways to take a professional mugshot. This is not a selfie and will determine some important aspects of your career. Hence –

#Rule 1 – Setting up a timer 

With no one to help you with this – get a camera with a timer. Set it as per requirement (a minimum of 1-2 minutes) and get behind it.

#Rule 2 – The Background is supremely important 

One of the crucial rules that you must remember while learning how to take a good picture of yourself on a professional front is – to use a neutral or a subdued monotone background.

#Rule 3 – Set up the camera between the light source and your position 

Face the window or the natural light (a nightshade lamp works well) and put the camera in between to ensure the flow of soft light.

#Rule 4 – Multiple photos to perfect the one 

Choose the outfit well – a business suit, a skirt, a blazer, an ironed shirt-pant combo – whatever the job demands. Click multiple headshots, and then you can choose the one.

#Rule 5 – Use editing tools for cropping 

When you are done with the clicking and choosing part – you can use various editing tools to change the formal get-up and improve the picture quality.

What should you avoid?

Now that you are equipped with the knowledge of how to take a good picture of yourself, it is crucial that you are versed in some things that you must not do. When you are picturing yourself for Instagram or a live video, you take up some background with a history attached. But we recommend you be careful –

1. Do not take up any tragic place to portray in your Instagram picture. One understands if you have a forte in depicting a tragedy in the correct format. But if you just want an excellent backdrop for a picture, we request you honor the victims and let the place go. Some things best rest in peace.

2. A report from 2018 depicted that – 259 people died taking selfies between 2011-17! You do not want your name on the list! Selfies with stunning backdrops are great for likes but do not dangle off skyscrapers for a petty like or comment. NOT WORTH IT!!

3. Whether it is a selfie or a solo picture, you must ensure that your whole face does not cover the picture. The backdrop – even if 60% of it – must be there for enhanced effect.

Click better pictures henceforth

You are aware of the tricks and tips associated with how to take a good picture of yourself. Therefore, it may be assumed that you will capture better shots after reading and trying out the tricks noted in this article. So, wishing you luck with your next shot!