John Travolta plastic surgery gossip – 5 others to face the heat!

John ‘Pulp Fiction’ Travolta doesn’t seem to let the aura around him flicker for a moment. Recently while shooting for a short movie in Norfolk, he was seen ‘mooching off digestive biscuits’ at the supermarket. He was happy to pose for fans who wanted a one-on-one with him! As the pictures flooded social media – Twitteraties seemed to drift back to trending news that had emerged a couple of years back. His last appearance in People vs OJ Simpson sparked stories of John Travolta plastic surgery online.

Do you remember now? So, what was that story all about? Did he actually go under the knife? Why are so many celebs under the heat of looking pretty? Any other celeb who went under the knife? Here’s listing it all out for you –

John Travolta plastic surgery – What’s the update?

John Travolta, who brought the Saturday Night Fever to the town’s girls, was seen with marked changes in his face. The look of the Grease star – with arched bushy eyebrows, shiny forehead, chestnut tan, and hair weave- has brought forth a very ‘melting’ look vis-a-vis his previous natural facial glow. Despite their disapproval of this look, the fans are thankful to him for maintaining his dimples.

John Travolta plastic surgery was a hot topic for the netizens. The star’s portrayal of Robert Shapiro, a Hollywood legal hotshot, was welcomed with more brickbats than garlands. His look was vehemently criticized by the online community, who somewhat did not appreciate the sexagenerian’s changed look. They pointed out the artifice of his face by sharing his ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures.

Though he made this personal decision, the fans have pointed out that the surgical procedure has given his natural facial structure a frozen look. Some even went ahead to compare his look to that of Arnold Schwarzenegger. Fans of the star have categorically pointed out that – the lines under his eyes have smoothened out. Additionally, the aesthetics of the eye and upper cheek region seems a bit too contrived for a man of his age. Clearly – nothing seems to miss the fan’s sharp stare.

John Travolta plastic surgery
Image Credit: Sieber Plastic Surgery

Notably, he’s done it before, but this time round, things seem to be a bit dicey. When was the last time he was involved in such a controversy? Taking a look –

Did he undergo a hair transplant session before?

The John Travolta plastic surgery news spread almost like wildfire. His ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures on Reddit were circulated, making people return to another piece of news that had emerged sometime before. It was about John Travolta undergoing hair transplantation.

With his 50s approaching, Travolta, like many of his contemporaries, had started to lose hair. Occasionally he utilized many hairpieces, from toupees to wigs, but with time the problem increased. Hence, he underwent a hair transplant and returned with his glorifying mane. When confronted with the same, he denied the news. But his dark top sheath speaks for itself!

There are other celebs as well who have undergone surgeries but have not accepted the same. Here’s the list of the same –

Who are the other celebs to have surgery?

The John Travolta plastic surgery denial is not the first one! There are a handful of other celebs who have done the same. Let’s take a look –

1. Ariana Grande

A couple of years back, the “Thank You, Next” singer went under the knife for breast enhancement surgery. Multiple sources claim it to be either breast upliftment or breast augmentation process. However – the lady herself credited her enhanced features to puberty hitting her at the correct time. Social media was flooded with her ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures, but she debunked them. From ‘Problem’ to ‘Into You’, she went crooning hit after hit and ensured people talked of nothing else apart from her vocal skills.

2. Renee Zellweger

We all fell at Renee ‘Jerry Maguire’ Zellweger’s hello – the first time we saw her. To match the needs of the job, she used Botox and fillers on her face. Unfortunately, she faced a massive backlash. But like Travolta’s denial after plastic surgery was trending, Zellweger took things to her stride and stated that she loved her new look!

3. Bella Hadid

The Victoria’s Secret supermodel was accused of – rhinoplasty, Botox, lip fillers, buccal fat removal (it is trending nowadays), and various other cosmetic surgery procedures. Her reaction to it? Her trademark denial and challenge to the concerned parties to find proof before talking. Gutsy girl, we say!

4. Kim Kardashian

She was pestered with questions back in 2013, when – the then-Kim Kardashian West had been able to get back her toned physique and flat tummy within a couple of months – post the birth of North West. When trollers accused her of liposuction, she, in her traditional manner, disputed them and credited – proper diet, exercise, and self-discipline for her amazing booty.

John Travolta plastic surgery
Image Credit: People

5. Katy Perry

Just like John Travolta plastic surgery news caught up with people like wildfire, so was singer Katy Perry’s plastic surgery news. She had previously accepted using temporary fillers and non-invasive treatments like lasers. However, the plastic surgery rumors seem to hound the singer whenever she dresses differently for her appearance.

Why are celebs under the heat always?

Simply because society has set unrealistic beauty standards for the stars!! A superstar is deemed somewhat above mortals regarding looks, behavior, and life. They are considered idols – for whom we have set up some benchmarks (which are unreachable by our standards) but must be followed by them. Therefore – the celebs are always under the heat, facing trolling, ageist and sexist comments, tabloids, and a social media deluge of negativity.

Even this John Travolta plastic surgery news has triggered more people to look out for other celebs who have done the same. Also, recently – the 41-year-old Korean superstar Song Hye Kyo faced a backlash about her age when she went to promote her new drama. This trolling clearly shows why so many celebs do not own up to the same despite making some marked changes.

Wrapped in a little sunshine

This was the available information on John Travolta plastic surgery. It is worrying that, as individuals in the 21st century, we are not ready to see our favorite heartthrobs getting old. This results in their so-called admirers trolling them, and the stars, in return, use chemical procedures to better their look and not accept the same.

We sincerely hope – as humans, we become a better race and accept that aging is natural. Also, you should find ways to age gracefully, such as by exercising, eating healthy, and following a disciplined routine. Do you have any queries pending about Travolta – the seventies superstar? ( You can leave your comments and queries here.


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