Hiding in Plain Sight: 4 Celebrities That Look Completely Unrecognizable in Their Eyewear

The curious thing about glasses is that they appear to hold the potential to completely change our image without any extra adjustments or effort. The phenomenon of glasses and their ability to alter our appearance from a stylistic point of view is something that’s long-existed in the realm of celebrity–just take a look at these four stars who look unrecognizable in their frames. 

We’re seeing more individuals than ever turn to glasses. In fact, data suggests that some 50% of the world’s population will need glasses by the year 2050. Although this is a concerning statistic that speaks volumes about the dangers of excessive time spent in front of screens in our daily lives, it does open the door to more individuals discovering how to transform their appearance with the right kind of eyewear. 

Glasses have become so prevalent in the world of fashion that a growing number of wearers don’t actually have a prescription, and simply choose to wear their eyewear as nothing more than a stylistic statement. 

While some visually impaired glasses wearers may feel a little frustrated by their medical device being appropriated solely for fashion, there’s little doubt that great eyewear can carry a transformative effect on your image, and can be utilized to complement the shape of your face. 

In fact, many opticians have released their own guides to which glasses style best suit different types of faces–from oval shapes, to more heart-shaped face types, it appears that there really are glasses that can suit everyone. 

With this in mind, glasses are clearly being utilized as an approach by some to enhance their face, and to accentuate or soften its shape whenever they are worn. Rather than going to the effort of wearing make up, or putting on more formal clothes, our glasses take a second to locate and put on–making them one of the easiest to utilize fashion accessories imaginable. 

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It’s for this reason that some of the world’s biggest stars and leading international figures can look entirely different with glasses on. With this in mind, let’s take a deeper look at some of the biggest stars in their eyewear:

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is certainly no stranger to bold styles and single-handedly pioneering new trends in womens’ fashion. However, when she was spotted shopping for a pair of glasses in 2012, the world renowned celebrity was donning an altogether more subtle but chic look. (https://american-eats.com/valium/)  

Judging by a later social media selfie of Kim donning a pair of Ray-Ban eyeglasses, it appears the model and reality TV star is a big fan of traditional dark rimmed glasses when it comes to spectacles–however, Kardashian is best known for having more outlandish taste when it comes to shades. 

It appears that a passion for eyeglasses runs in the Kardashian family, with Kim joining forces with her sisters, Kourtney and Khloé, to launch their own range, called Kardashian Kollection Eyewear

Brad Pitt

Although it’s rare to see Hollywood A-lister Brad Pitt without any glasses on his head, more often than not, the Fight Club star will be captured wearing a striking pair of sunglasses rather than spectacles. 

Or perhaps Pitt is hiding in plain sight? Since the movie star looks unrecognizable with eyeglasses when pictured on the set while filming the 2014 film, Fury

Interestingly, Pitt underwent corrective eye surgery in 2002 according to The Independent, which may be why we’re less used to seeing the Hollywood regular in spectacles, but that hasn’t stopped him from continually cropping up in a pair of eyeglasses both on and off set from time-to-time. 

In the star-studded movie, The Big Short, Pitt’s character, veteran Wall Street trader Ben Rickert, wore a pair of Silhouette Titan Dynamics Nylor to complete his look. 

Lady Gaga



Another celebrity that’s known for her flamboyant style and ostentatious shades is Lady Gaga. The pop star and actress has been pictured over the years in some of the most elaborate frames that you’re likely to see in music videos and on the red carpet, but when it comes to eyeglasses, Gaga’s taste appears to be far more subtle.

In fact, these understated black rimmed glasses have regularly featured throughout Lady Gaga’s career, and although she certainly looks different when wearing more subtle spectacles, the style has become a familiar sight. 

Although the House of Gucci star is no stranger to wearing the best quality Gucci sunglasses both on the silver screen and when it’s time to undergo a glow up, Gaga fans have identified her favorite understated black eyeglasses as a pair of Dita Sintra frames.

Prince William

Even the royal family has the power to change their look with a pair of eyeglasses, just like Prince William here, who was pictured wearing spectacles on a royal visit to Israel. 

While the future king has been pictured sporting a range of more rectangular rimmed glasses in recent years, it was revealed that the sunglasses brand that he trusted to help him to catch all the action at Wimbledon in 2018 was Luca Gnecci Ruscone

The power of celebrity clearly extends far when it comes to fashion, but the ability for some of the world’s most recognizable faces to change so significantly with the help of eyeglasses should be welcomed as a great piece of inspiration for us all. 

For many of us, that all-important change of style is simply one new pair of glasses away.