Ways to lift drooping eyelids without surgery

Droopy eyelids also known as baggy eyelids are the condition when your eyelids excessively sag or appear swollen. This drooping of eyelids can cause issues like uneven eyes or hooded eyes causing cosmetic concerns. Theoretically, we don’t give much attention to cosmetic concerns or talk down about them as trivial things. But in reality, cosmetic concerns are one of the top reasons for low confidence and self-esteem in many people. 

Since it focuses on the cheeks, a mid facelift elevates the area by redistributing excess fat from other places to make your cheekbones more pronounced and well-defined. Considering it involves your periorbital area, the procedure smooths out the space between the lower eyelids and cheeks, which is perfect for those with heavy bags under their eyes. Click here to find the best blepharoplasty in Singapore.

Tips on Lifting Your Drooping Eyes Gradually

Let us be very clear, if you choose to do something naturally it will take time. Natural processes are not quick fixes but they are always preferable over things like surgeries that may have a negative impact. Let us see some natural ways in which you can lift your eyelids without surgery.  

  • Eye Exercises – Eyelids are muscles and they can be kept in shape just like other muscles with regular exercises. You should start exercising your eyelid muscles as soon as you start feeling heaviness and extra tiredness in your eyelids. This might be an indication that your eyelid muscles are getting weak. You can include the following exercises –
  • Resistance training for eyelids – Lift your eyebrows, place a finger under your eyebrows holding them tight while trying to close your eyes. This seemingly simple exercise works like a resistance or weight-training exercise for your eyelids. 
  • Blink your eyes – forcibly blinking your eyes in quick succession is also good muscle training for your eyelid muscles.
  • Rolling your eyes – Rolling your eyes in a clockwise and anti-clockwise direction for a few seconds is a good exercise for improving eyesight and also for strengthening your eyelid muscles.
  • Eyelid Massage – Massaging gives a very relaxing feeling to our body and so is true for the eyes. But, massaging is not only about relaxing the muscles, it also strengthens the muscles. A daily relaxing massage of eyelids for a few minutes can strengthen your eyelid muscles thus keeping them in proper shape. You can use these steps for a proper eye massage – 
  • With closed eyes, start massaging the eye socket bones (the area just above your eyebrows) lightly
  • Move your fingers with very slight pressure over your eyelids
  • Relieve the pressure points between your eyes by pressing and releasing pressure for the inner corner of your eyes.
  • End by massaging your temples on the side of your temple.
  • Eat Some More Grapes – Grapes are naturally full of resveratrol, an element that slows down cell aging. If your baggy eyes are a result of the natural aging process you can significantly decrease the pace by including grapes as much as you can in your regular diet. What a tasty way to say goodbye to droopy eyelids, isn’t it?
  • 20 Minutes Of Chilled Cucumber Slices – Another very soothing way of gradually decreasing droopy eyes is to apply cucumber slices to your eyes. Cucumber contains ascorbic and caffeic acid, both of which are good for reducing baggy eyes naturally. After a long tiring day, especially if you work continuously on the screen, 20 minutes of relaxing time with cucumber slices on your eyelids can be one of the best rewarding experiences. 
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Best Thing to Fix Droopy Eye Instantly

If you are going to attend a party or social gathering, you need something that gives an instant result. These are the situation for which you need an instant solution or you won’t feel comfortable or confident enough to show your best side. You can use ‘LIDS BY DESIGN’ in any such situation where you need a quick fix for your droopy eyelids.

Let us give you a quick introduction to the product that can sometimes be a lifesaver. It is a patch that you can stick on your eyelids to give them a firmer look. The best thing about these patches is that they are transparent and no one can notice that you have put something on your eyelids. They are easy to apply and completely pain-free. They won’t harm you in any way as they are non-intrusive. If you need an instant fix for your droopy eyes there’s nothing better than this premium product lids by design.

Final Takeaway

Drooping eyelids are much more common than we tend to believe. Undoubtedly, it comes with cosmetic concerns but it is something that does need not a surgical procedure. There are natural and non-surgical ways to lift your drooping eyelids and give a boost to your self-image. So, do not go for a surgical procedure that can create various other complications. We have discussed gradual as well as instant ways to fix the issue of drooping eyes and all these tips are very effective.