How to do a twist braid in 6 ways? A style guide for you!

If you are here to learn how to do a twist braid, then let’s tell you it is no easy task beforehand. You might have seen these knots on celebs and social media influencers, but they are simpler said than done. In fact, some of them require superhuman strength or magical powers. Twist braids are a great way to style natural hair, and though time-consuming, they match every look – from Western to Indo-Western!

Here are some of the top twist braid styles that you can (comparatively easily) try at home. So, let’s check them out without further ado –

How to do a twist braid in simple steps?

Here are a few of our favorites –

1. Double-strand twist braid

For all those looking out for how to do a twist braid for the first time, the double-strand twist braid is the easiest of the braids! This is how to do it –

  • You will have to start by dividing your hair into 4 sections. You will have to clip 3 sections and leave 1 out. From this, you will have to separate out a string of hair – about 1-2 inches and coat it with either gel or cream.
  • Then you will have to divide this string of hair into two parts and twist them over the other one. Criss-cross the hair till the end and again dab it with a bit of cream to set it in place.
  • You will have to do the same with the other 3 sections of the hair that you had initially clipped. That leaves you with unclipped hair, which you can let open.
  • From hereon – you have two options. You can either pull up all the twisted hair into a ponytail with parts of the unclipped hair rolled down on each side. Else, you may just let the twirls down as it is to achieve a fuller look.

How to do a twist braid

2. Twist braids in double knot half-updo

You already know how to do a twist braid if you have double strands. But what if you have to do twist braids in double knots and that too in half updo? Here’s how to proceed with it –

  • You will have to start with braided hair. Assuming you know how to do double-strand twisted braids, you will have to do them throughout your hair so that there’s a mesh of braids.
  • Part a portion of the hair from the front and clamp it up. Take the other set of braids, and tie it up in a rope-like manner. Secure the ends with a hairclip.
  • Now you have the remaining braid, and you will, in the same manner, twist it together into a rope-like structure and let it be.
  • So basically, what you have now is – 2 ropes tied out of the braid and two free-flowing layers of braid remaining. Take the rope-like braided areas and tie it like a lace over the open braided hair. That leaves you with only the front part of the braid (which you had clamped). Take that portion of the hair and tie it backward.
  • You have to tie it in a manner wherein it is placed between the lace-like knot. If required, you can spray some hair spray to set the hair. Your half-knot hair updo is done!
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how to do a twist braid

3. Fishtail twist braid

This is one of the initial ones that you may want to learn while trying to know how to do a twist braid. Though apparently, you may find it difficult, once done, it suits both ethnic and western wear.

  • Once you decide which side you would want the twist braid, you will have to brush out the hair and part it into two even sections.
  • You will have to start by bringing a strand of hair from one side onto the inside of the other side. When you repeat the same on the other side, you will have to take the strand from the outside part of the other section. Continue this down your braid.

#Just remember – you will have to keep your hand above the area where you are braiding. This will keep the braid in place. 

  • Continue with the braiding process and ensure that it goes all down. After that, you can tie it with a hair band. Tug at the small pieces of the braid and loosen the braid so that, overall, the hair has more volume.
  • If there are any bangs hanging or there are shreds of short curls, you can always use a curler to set them.
  • In case you have any longer strands hanging, you can always tie that into a three-strand braid and pin it to the fishtail.

how to do a twist braid

4. Dutch twist braid

For all those who have comparatively shorter hair and have recently taken up a fetish of wanting to know how to do a twist braid – here is the hairstyle guide for you –

  • Brush your hair and separate it into 3 even sections.
  • To create the stylish Dutch braid, you will have to braid the sections of the hair by following a – ‘left under, right under’ format.
  • While following this pattern, you will have to – initially, place the left strand of hair under the center and then follow up the same format with the right strand under the center. As you move each time – you will have to take clumps of hair and keep adding it to the braid.
  • You will have to add the hair from the roots as well and secure the same with a hair tie.
  • In case some strands of hair are left out, clip them up in a manner towards the middle of the braided section so that it looks cohesive.
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dutch twist braid

5. French rope twist braid

This is another of the unique braids that you cannot miss out on if you really wish to learn how to do a twist braid in simple steps. You will have to –

  • First, you have to start by making an off-center part on the right side of your head. Then, you can go ahead and make a small section on the left of your side part – at your forehead.
  • Divide that section into 2 parts and cross the left strand over the right strand of your hair.
  • You will find that some part of the hair is in the bottom section. For that, you will have to add some hair on top of that.
  • Now take that bottom section of the hair and cross it over the top strand.
  • Add some more strands to the bottom section of the hair as you pull it over. Basically, you will have to keep twisting your whole hair around the head and include all the strands that are there.
  • Only when you are at the nape of your neck does this process end. From here – tackle the leftover hair and draw it backward.
  • Take some strands of hair from above the ear and place it between the 2 strands of your twisted braid.
  • Finally, tie the end with a rubber band and pull your hair straight to tighten the braid.

Your French twisted braid is set!

how to do a twist braid

6. Triangle twist braid

If you are wondering how to do a twist braid in a triangle format, here is the way to do it –

  • You have to use a rat-tail comb to part each section in a horizontal row.
  • Now you will have to divide out the hair for each section and make angled parts in alternate – in the form of a triangle.
  • Once you have done up all the angular parts, like a triangle – you will have to twist the hair in a normal manner (the simple plain twist).
  • When you are done twisting the pieces, the concerned angles will provide you with an overall geometric look. Your twisted triangular braid is done!

Which one is your go-to style?

You do know how to do a twist braid now, so which of these would you like to try? Do you have some new styles that you would like to share with us? Do leave your comments below.