Unmissable Top 8 Hairstyles For Frizzy Hair Care!

Summers are here! So is frizzy hair! Try the ‘n’ number of products, but somehow the frizz becomes your permanent headmate. There are times when you have the busiest of schedules, not even time to drink up your coffee, and you have a curly mane tangled right in your head. As you will read this digital style – guide, you will get an idea of the hairstyles for frizzy hair that you may try even on the busiest of days.

Let’s explore –

What are the hairstyles for frizzy hair?

Here are some styles for unusually crimped hair that you can try out –

  1. The Messy Bun always sits right

messy bun
Image Credit: Hairstyles On Point

This is the CLASSIC amongst all the hairstyles for frizzy hair. Whatever the scenario, or the occasion, a lady can always bun up her hair and be prepared.

  • Use a comb or a brush to gather your hair at the back. Tie it into a bun and secure it either with a hair tye or a French barrette.
  • Perk it up with a bandana

A bandana is your mane’s ‘friend for a lifetime.’ Whatever the season, you can always perk up your style by adding a bandana to your hairstyle. On a busy morning, you can –

  • Either use it as a semi-headwrap on your hair to cover the upper part of your hair while the lower one is let loose. Otherwise, you may also use a bandana, like a twisted hairband, to pull up your hair.
  • You can either let your hair open or simply make a low ponytail.

    2. The Top Knot saves you always

top knot
Image Credit: HairRomance

Easy, fast, no tension – that’s how the top knot holds back your frizzy mane. In fact, you will not even need a spray or serum for the basic setting of your hair.

  • Brush up your hair into a high ponytail. Hold it there and wrap it

around securely with a hair tie. Pin it with bobby pins to hold it up.


  3. Go for the French braid style

french braid 1
Image Credit: Glamour

You wouldn’t believe it, but, the French braid is one of the most opted hairstyles for frizzy hair. As stylish as it is – even on the busiest of day, with practice, it will not take you more than 5 minutes. You may style your crimpy hair as you sip your coffee. Here’s how –

  • Dab a little anti-frizz hair spray to set your hair. Start by taking a chunk of the upper part of your hair and separating it into 3 strands.
  • You will have to start with a traditional braid and then cross it by including the third strand into this braid.
  • As you move down, braiding your hair, you will have to merge it with the lower part of your hair (as you are naturally moving down, part the lower part of your hair into different sections and keep tying it.
  • So as you cross – over, you keep merging the above part of the strand with the lower one. Tie your hair with a tie as this braid reaches the end part of the hair.
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  4. Tie it like a Fishtail 

fishtail braid
Image Credit: The Right Hairstyles

One of the best hairstyles for frizzy hair is to tie them into a fishtail braid. Though it will take some practice, once done, it is one of the exceptional ways to manage your frizz.

  • Divide your hair into 2 parts and put the left strand of your hair over the right.
  • When you tuck this strand under the right part of your hair, tighten both strands.
  • Then take some hair from the right side of your hair and tuck it under your left side and tighten both strands.
  • Keep alternating both sides till the end of your hair. Secure it with a tie, and you are done!


   5. The Half-n-Half style

half top knot
Image Credit: Pretty Designs

This always works – whether you are in some personal work or have to rush for a meeting.

  • Dab a little anti-frizz serum on your hair. Take the frontal part of your hair and tie it up like a top knot. Use either a hair tie or a clip.
  • Let the lower part of the hair down as it is. If you have time, you may heat style it, or tie it into a low ponytail.


   6. Go retro with a scarf!

scarf tied hair
Image Credit: Be Beautiful

It is almost a worldwide ‘bad hair day’ issue – the day when you would need your hair to look perfect, your hair will be a frizzy mess! Especially if you have a party to go to – there’s no chance your locks will cooperate. So, how do you deal with that?

  • One of the best hairstyles for frizzy hair is to wrap it with a silk scarf. Not only this makes a bold statement, but it also covers up the unwanted baby hair popping up.
  • Add a chunky pait of earrings to this look, and there’s none to stop you from looking like a retro diva!
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   7. If nothing works, just tie a high ponytail

high ponytail
Image Credit: The Right Hairstyles

Your hair is in a frizz. No serum or styler is there to save your mane. Topping it all – you have no time. But you have to look formal. There’s nothing better than a high ponytail!

  • Simply brush or comb your hair (as per your choice). You may use an anti-frizz serum (if you have time) and tie up a high ponytail.
  • Either use the general hair tie or a scrunchie to avoid extra breakage of your hair.


Some quick hair tips for frizzy hair

Knowing a variety of hairstyles for frizzy hair is an advantage, but if you wish to tone down the frizz to save your hair from unnecessary tangling and breakage – here are some quick tips:

Tip 1 – Do not overwash your hair. When you do that, the natural oils from your scalp get lost, and you end up with dry and frizzy hair.

Tip 2 – Rather than going for a blow-dry format regularly, opting for an air-dry format to reduce the frizz in your hair is best.

Tip 3 – Rather than a hairbrush, use a wide-toothed comb, especially if you are in the habit of combing your wet hair.

Tip 4 – Reduce the number of times you bleach or dye your hair. They harm your hair more.

Tip 5 – Categorically choose anti-frizz products to set your frizzy hair. They must have a healthy balance of keratin and ceramide. Avoid mousse, salt sprays, and gels since, when used regularly, they dry your hair.

Take care of your mane

Apart from the hairstyles for frizzy hair mentioned in this post, do you have any other tricks up your hair (well, sleeve)? Then do share it with us in the comments section. Also, apart from the hacks and hair tips, check the food you eat and ensure it is packed with protein and minerals. For more updates like this, keep browsing this website.