Be The Skipper on Your Sailing Holiday

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If you plan to sail around scenic destinations, why not do it yourself? For instance, around the shorelines of Greece, you will find yachts for hire. You could hire a crew to sail you around or train and do it yourself. Even if you have not sailed a boat before, your holiday could give you the expertise to skipper your boat. You could learn from the experts and enjoy sailing around scenic destinations at the same time.

Sailing Courses

Most sailing destinations have yachts for hire as well as for training. If you have time to learn and enjoy a holiday at the same time, you could sign up for a yacht sailing course. There are experienced charter courses that offer training, as per skill, ambition, and level of expertise one is looking for. It is easy to find a course online and sign up as per the timeline you have in mind.

Sailing courses come with an adequate sailing area, a convenient syllabus, and equipped boats for training. One such ideal training destination could be the Greek islands. You could sign up for a course here and enjoy your holiday learning to skipper your boat.

When you sign up for a course you will be assigned an instructor who will teach as per your requirements. There are several private teaching companies around the coastline of Greece. They own their yachts where they provide training courses. 

How the Courses Are Designed?

When you sign up for a course you are assigned a berth on a school yacht. It will have a group of students who are looking for similar levels of training. Usually, the ratio between instructors and participants is four to one. Again, many prefer a private course. This allows them to book a boat for themselves and have a private instructor. This is ideal when two or more people wish to learn. A couple of their friends can sign up for such a course. They can have an instructor assigned to teach them the tricks and techniques of sailing. 

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What a training course includes are the following:

·         Seven to two weeks’ accommodation on a yacht.

·         Tuition from one or more instructors.

·         Swim stops.

·         Online theory course material.

·         Course fees include lunches, dinner, and breakfast.

·         Also includes a marina, water, and fuel.

·         Waterproof jackets are provided.

·         Fresh towels and bed linen.

How to Sign Up?

Today it is very easy to sign up for a sailing training course. Simply choose your destination and look for reputed training companies online. You can corroborate their expertise by speaking to them or asking for customer testimonials. Once you find a course that suits your time and budget, you can complete the sign-up process online. A successful sailing training course can help you have the confidence and skills to sail and skipper your boat. It also gives you greater flexibility in planning and budgeting for your sailing holidays.

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