Your hair plays a vital role in shaping how you feel about yourself. Hair loss can have a huge impact on your self-confidence and self-esteem.

If you are planning to restore your hair with a transplant, then you are at the right place! 

Hair transplant turkey vera clinic is a well-known transplant clinic in Turkey. Vera Clinic has a major presence in the industry as it provides the best hair transplant for more than thirty thousand patients. 

All of the doctors here at hair vera clinic hair transplant turkey speak English as well as Turkish. Here, patients are handled with good care and comfort by organizing transportation, accommodation, and translation services to end the language barriers. 

Many people are learning the benefits and are planning to travel to Turkey to get hair transplants. It is a non-invasive procedure that locates hair from denser areas, restores hair growth, and reverses the balding mechanism. 

Hair Transplant Turkey: Advantages

Amongst our patients, hair transplants are quite popular in Turkey due to their advantages. Here, we provide our customers with an FUE transplant, which is far better than other hair transplants like FUT hair transplants. 

  • Natural-looking hairline with invisible scars
  • Minimal discomfort and pain during the entire procedure
  • Less chances of complications as compared to other procedures
  • No scars or markable signs of treatment
  • Give natural results 
  • Less downtime, which helps you to get back to normal in less time 
  • Short treatment times 
  • No Trauma to the skin
  • Permanent natural-looking results 
  • High precision process 
  • Accurate results 
  • High hair density
  • Fast recovery 
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The Process Of A Hair Transplant In Turkey 

A hair transplant vera clinic in Istanbul, Turkey, gives a natural look with permanent results. 

How does a hair transplant work? Each procedure has different techniques, but all of them follow similar six steps. 

  1. Before the start of your hair transplant, the border of your new hairline will be outlined and designed. Your approval will be taken before starting the procedure.
  2. The donor area will be shaved and will be prepared for surgical extraction and reduce the risk of infection during certain procedures. FUE and other techniques will not require this step always. 
  3. The Turkey hair transplant is performed under local anesthesia. It is injected into both the donor site and the site of the hair transplant. 
  4. The fourth step is hair extraction. Graft extractions are different for every technique. Some procedures require more invasive techniques, which can cause scarring, while other methods can be straightforward.
  5. The follicles are kept in the right condition to maintain their state once the hair has been extracted. Grafts are sorted to allocate the graft in its suitable areas, creating a natural finish, which is only done at vera clinics. 
  6. This step differs from technique to technique. Using micro scalpels, the surgeon will create opening holes. 

Here at Vera Clinic, you will be impressed with the results of our noninvasive hair transplant. We have won the European Award in Medicine 2021 in the Hair Transplant Surgery category. The service quality is premium and, at the same time, affordable for most people. It’s worth paying for surgery that will boost your confidence and usually last a lifetime. Our amazing Turkey hair transplant doctors have performed the procedures for many years and have talented, artistic hands that will take care of your head and hair.