5 Exemplary All Inclusive Resorts Mexico Cabo You Must Know About!

For those looking to spend their vacation moments amidst the pristine coastlines with aqua water and rugged cliffs lining them, Cabo San Lucas, in Mexico, has emerged as the strongest competitor. Though, initially, the US-backpacking tourist flocked to this domain, now trotters from around the globe book tickets to this fringe southern tip of Mexico. Therefore, it is no surprise that Mexico, keeping aside the cookie-cutter tourist hotel experience, has perfected the art of all inclusive. The increased popularity of all inclusive resorts Mexico Cabo stands as evidence of the same. 

Curated in tune with the needs of the modern traveler, these all inclusive resorts provide you with an abundance of experience – from a hushed romantic trip to a long-time planned family vacay. So, if you are planning a getaway, it is time to check out some quick names and the ‘exclusive’ benefits that these ‘inclusive’ provide for you – 

Best all inclusive resorts Mexico Cabo to know 

In this section, you will get an idea of the range of all-inclusive resorts and staying that can enhance the experience of your trip to Cabo San Lucas. 

1. Grand Velas Los Cabos – For the exceptional high-end experience 

all inclusive resort mexico
Image Credit: Tripadvisor

If you are looking for a pristine holiday where nothing can go wrong as you bask in the Mexican sun, Grand Velas Los Cabos assures you that it doesn’t! As you are ushered into your chosen suite by a Champagne butler with a complimentary toast, you will be exposed to the jaw-dropping view of the ocean, along with the chance to enjoy a couple of plunges in the pool or some moments of privacy on the open rooftop. 

With a 32,000-square-foot spa and a range of local and international healing facials to rejuvenate you, this all-inclusive resort has a concierge service, in-room mini-bar, infinity pools with beach access, a separate area for the kids, night parties with DJs rocking the scene, and specific rooms for every kind of traveller. 

What it has – Stunning and exquisite set-up for utmost pleasure, free parking and breakfast offers during the stay, high-connectivity Wi-Fi facility, coffee maker, TV with streaming services, and a walk-in closet. 

Price range – $1000+ to $2500+ per day 


2. UNICO Hotel Riviera Maya – The perfect adult-only zone 

all inclusive resort in mexico
Image Credit: Tripadvisor

If you are looking to lay low with your partner for a couple of days away from the hustle and bustle of the cities, this all inclusive resorts Mexico Cabo located right on Riviera Maya, is the one to choose! Situated between Tulum and Playa del Carmen, this is a rustic getaway that boasts quaint surroundings, a partial or complete oceanfront view, and quiet corners to steal a kiss! 

With perfectly set-up rooms that come with a range of amenities – from AC rooms to TV with satellite channels, this resort has everything! 

What it has – Palatial set-up with quiet places for a quick makeout moment, spacious suites with a range of in-house facilities, in-room safe box, wake-up service, and walk-in closet. 

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Price range – $460 – $600+ per day 


3. Palamaia, The House of AiA – If you wish to rejuvenate 

all inclusive resort cabo
Image Credit: Sunwing

Are you looking forward to a therapeutic and rejuvenating holiday? Then Palamaia is the one to check out! With oceanfront rooms with King and queen-size beds for the ultimate comfort, this offers a sanctuary-like retreat that helps to rejuvenate your senses (the world-class spa facilities always win this game) and gives you a taste of some of the best-curated plant-based meals. 

One of the most noted all inclusive resorts Mexico Cabo includes a range of wellness projects during your stay, such as – yoga, group meditation, sound healing, tarot card reading, and a host of ceremonies. This includes suites that are designed from cruelty-free animal products and use solar panels or other renewable forms of energy for the set-up.

What it has – A jungle-like set-up with glass cases around, multiple and even customized therapies for the tourists, free Wi-Fi and breakfast, wellness-thematic ceremonies and full refundable costs. 

Price range – $870-$1000+ per day


4. Nickelodeon Hotels and Resorts, Riviera Maya – Perfect for the families 

all inclusive resort in los cabo mexico
Image Credit: TravelAge West

Are you looking for a kid-friendly, inclusive resort for your holiday? How about getting one that boasts of waterparks and character encounters? Nickelodeon Resorts, as the name suggests, is the one that assuredly meets all your expectations, with family energy and beachfront access. That’s just the beginning! To ensure that your kids in no way miss out on the enjoyment, it has a Nickelodeon Place hub, graffiti of Ninja Turtles, and Patrick-shaped chairs! 

Located amidst the bustling but dainty Puerto Morelos, this all inclusive resort has amenities like – character-themed rooms, free cribs or cots, a mini-bar, and TV sets with a number of satellite channels and streaming services! 

What it has – Offers a signature-character breakfast, completely furnished rooms with seating areas and garden areas, AC, Wi-Fi, separate areas and places for kids, and finally – Aqua Nick, the largest water park in Mexico! 

Price range – $300-$500+ per night


5. Mahekal Beach Resort – The ideal boutique hotel 

all inclusive resort mexico cabo
Image Credit: Booking.com

Do you not wish to choose between the downtown energy of Playa del Carmen and the white sandy beaches of Riviera Maya? Then this boutique all inclusive resorts Mexico Cabo is the one for you! Featuring a range of bungalows with palapa-tops, this is one of the liveliest resorts that you could usher yourself into. 

It comes with a bevvy of benefits such as – refundable costs, Queen-size beds, and basic room amenities from coffee-making machines to umbrellas for sudden weather changes. Allowing the perfect garden view from your room, the finest part of this resort is that – it allows you to keep your pets along with special facilities for them. 

If you want to enjoy the perks of a beach holiday and yet not miss out on the energy drives of downtown Cabo, this is the one for you! 

What it has – Blackout curtains, fresh linens every day, wake-up service, phone, walk-in closet, seating area, safe box inside the room. 

Price range – $150-$300+ per day 

These are some of the most-opted all-inclusive resorts you must check out in Cabo, Mexico, if you are planning a getaway

Why are all-inclusive resorts better than AirBnB? 

For anyone looking for a luxurious holiday, AirBnB was their immediate choice. However, it seems like the inclusive resorts have taken over, with people wanting that as an option. So, why are all inclusive resorts Mexico Cabo gaining prominence with time? Here are some reasons for the same – 

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all inclusive resorts los cabo
Image Credit: Garza Blanca Resort & Spa Los Cabos

The enhanced hospitality standards 

With time, the quality of AirBnB has reduced drastically, while the hospitality levels of all-inclusive resorts have increased considerably. From taking care of the luggage to maintaining cleanliness to arranging the rooms as per your wish, nightly entertainment programs, fun activities for kids, and exquisite local and global dining experiences – assuredly – these all inclusive ensure superior quality service standards, making your Mexican beach trip, all the more pleasurable. 

It simplifies the planning 

As good as an AirBnB might be, you will have to scout for restaurants and other facilities that you need regularly. However, the all inclusive resorts Mexico Cabo simplifies the planning process significantly. They come accommodated with – restaurants, room service, open bars, luxury on-site spa facilities, emergency facilities, and many other positives. Thus, you just need to plan the itinerary and book the resort, and the comfort factor will be taken care of. 

An affordable option when on a tight budget 

At one point in time, AirBnB was a saviour for people who wished to enjoy luxurious locales within a limited budget. However, they have become the most-opted affordable alternatives for most travellers, all-inclusive, with their record price range starting from a mere $721 and ranging up to $3000+ (given their range of facilities). 

Minimal chances of fraudulence 

Lastly, if you are booking a vacation in Cabo, Mexico, there is a high chance that you might be scammed (Mexico has garnered a bad reputation in this regard). With these all-inclusive resorts, the chances of fraudulence have been reduced considerably. What’s more, one follows a specific process, ensuring a clear trail of the transaction. 

A quick checklist for you 

As you have seen for yourself the exceptional listicle of all inclusive resorts Mexico Cabo and why they are way better than the AirBnB’s available. However, as a novice, here’s a checklist you must follow before booking your stay. Ensure that – 

suite in all inclusive resort cabo
Image Credit: Garza Blanca

. You research about the area where you intend to stay and the available all-inclusive resorts in that area. Along with that, the restrictions on the various resorts and check thoroughly if it’s a family-friendly resort or a couples-only place. 

. Review the amenities well. Though the number of fraudulent practices is limited, at times, you may just come across a thrifty situation. Hence, see if the amenities stated are also provided during your stay, and list out the other activities you may partake in within the resort. 

. Do check your suite. Though you may only get to check the photo or a video at most, figure out if it suits you, whether it provides the mentioned facilities, and if it is within the price range (as stated). 

. Lastly, the reviews are of great help here. You must compare and check what different all-inclusive are offered, at what price rate they are available, and the negatives associated with them (if any). 

Go ahead and book an all inclusive resorts Mexico Cabo, only when you have the correct answers to all the above-mentioned points. 

Parting words 

When you are planning a trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, it’s not just the sun and sand – but the luxury spas, the water sports, and definitely a quick taste of the local delicacies that make your trip completely worth it. Having said that, if the place you live does not provide comfort, then this ‘supposedly surreal’ trip could, in a moment, turn into an ‘insanely boring’ one. To avoid the same, you can check out the specifics of all inclusive resorts Mexico Cabo and book one in advance to prevent the hassle. If you liked this article and want more exclusives, keep scouting this website for more! 


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