Can Dogs Eat Sushi? Time To Know The Truth!

You are enjoying that delectable piece of rice square, with your chopsticks all in style, while your loyal canine sits down, tongue hanging out, wanting a bite of it. But can dogs eat sushi? Technically, no, since some of the ingredients could pose a risk to them. But, if you verify the ingredients and ensure that they include only those goods that your dog is not allergic to – then assuredly, your loyal mongrel can enjoy a bite of the same. So, what must you check before offering your dog a bite? Can you prep a specific ‘dog-sushi’ recipe at home? What do you do if your dog has a bad reaction to that? Your questions are answered via this post. 

We will try to break down the specifics for you and ensure that you have a detailed idea of how to deal with your sushi-enjoying dog if at all, and other key factors that you need to be aware of. Let’s get you started – 

Can dogs eat sushi – the truth 

The answer to this question is – it depends. If you are talking of traditional sushi, which is made of rice and seaweed with tuna and salmon stuffed into it – then no, it is not favorable for your dog’s health. Apart from the fish, there are avocados and soya sauce within a sushi, that is not vet-prescribed. Hence, steer clear. However, you can prep a customized sushi that includes cooked fish for your pooch. 

What you need to clearly remember is – that the other ingredients of sushi, like avocado, wasabi, cream cheese, and soya sauce, are not good for your pooch. Apart from the usual concerns of bacteria and parasites, the raw fishes have thiaminase, which is a component that can be harmful to your dog. 

In the following sections, you will get a precise glimpse of the sushi ingredients that your dogs must avoid and a recipe to replace them. 

Which sushi ingredients your dog must not eat? 

As has been mentioned beforehand – sushi is not the ideal food for your dog, and if at all, then you need to keep certain ingredients out of it. Now, let’s see in detail a little more about those ingredients – 

. Avocado 

Image Credit: The Organic Place

Though vegans may languish all praises on this ingredient, it contains persin, a toxin that is found in the fruit’s pit. This is extremely harmful for dogs (even for other pets), and hence, you must keep your dog away from this food item. 

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. Raw fish 

raw fish for sushi
Image Credit: HL Photo

The certified sushi-grade raw fish is one food product that your dogs must avoid. For the unversed, raw seafood contains a range of bacteria, fluke, tapeworm, and roundworms. In fact, in more than a single scenario, raw fish has had listeria and salmonella both of which can threaten your dog’s immunity systems. 

Therefore, when it is raw fish – that may include salmon, tuna, catfish, herring, or even cod, avoid giving it to your dog. You can cook the same and feed your dog (especially salmon). 

. Soya sauce/ Wasabi 

soya-sauce for dogs sushi
Image Credit: NDTV Foods

Both these sauces are a bit too chilly for your dog. They are high in sodium content and are not suitable for your pup’s digestive system (Wasabi is particularly unfavorable for your dog). Hence, keep your dog away from that.  

. Cream cheese 

cream cheese for sushi
Image Credit: Gemma’s Bigger Baking

Though a bit of healthy fat is a must for your pups, when it is derived from ingredients such as cream cheese, that is not what you would want for your dog. Coated with unhealthy fats and cholesterol-boosting elements, keep this away from your pooch. 

. Tempura

Image Credit: Recipe 30

Tempura is a delectable fritter, but not for your canine companion! As good as they are for your taste buds, the high sodium and fat content could lead to your pup facing a sudden bout of sodium poisoning. 

. Mango 

mango sushi rolls
Image Credit: Jango Recipes

For the record, certain sushi varieties have mango content in them, which, thanks to a content called urushiol, can turn poisonous for your dog. It may cause certain allergic reactions. In case your dog is not allergic to this fruit, feeding this beyond a specific quantity can suddenly boost its glucose levels. 

Which sushi can you feed your dog? 

Therefore, can dogs eat sushi without the ingredients mentioned above? Surely. You just have to make some modifications. Whether it is white or brown rice, keep the quantity low and boil it well. Also, instead of raw fish, go in for cooked fish, the ones that you usually feed your dog. 

Regarding the seaweed, it should not be the raw version that authentic ‘sushi’ outlets claim to use, but rather the processed and disinfected ones. Lastly, moderate the quantity of the other ingredients, like cucumber, to that much that is suitable for your pet, as per your vet’s instructions. 

This guide will outline the ideal recipe for you – 

The perfect sushi recipe for your dog 

Assuming that you have been reading this article well for your dear pup, and tried getting a formidable response on can dogs eat sushi – which supposedly has been mostly in the negative – how about finding an alternative? You must understand that, though your pup cannot have the standard shop-made sushi, the ingredients in it are individually not harmful to it. 

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Image Credit: Ichi Sushi

In that case, we will share with you a sushi recipe (minus the harmful elements) that you can make for your pup. Here it is – 

What you will need? 

The measurements are as per US standards – 

. Cooked rice (brown/white) – 1 cup 

. Carrot and Cucumber (peeled and sliced) – 1 each 

. Cooked salmon fillets (1/2 cup) 

. Seaweed (nori) paper – the traditional one 

How to make it? 

Image Credit: Where’s The Frenchie

. Spread the seaweed paper and place some rice over it evenly. Use a spoon to spread and stick the rice on top of this seaweed paper. 

. At the center of it, place the pieces of cucumber, carrot, and salmon fillets. Again, use the spoon to evenly spread it over the rice. 

. Now, start rolling the sushi. If you have a sushi mat, that’s fine. If not, you can always use a towel. 

. To seal the ends of the nori, you must simply apply a little bit of water while rolling. Once you have rolled it, cut it into pieces with a sharp knife. 

Your little pup’s sushi is ready!! 

What if your dog has a bad reaction? 

Can dogs eat sushi occasionally? They can – provided that the pup does not get infected. When you are feeding your dog sushi, you have to moderate the quantity. After that, watch your dog for the next couple of hours for any kind of gastrointestinal or allergic reactions. 

The most common reactions are – loose stools or constipation, a swollen belly (due to the parasite attack), vomiting, or fever. In such cases, consult a vet immediately and understand for a fact that sushi is not the food for your dog. 

How much sushi is ideal for your dog? 

This will depend on – how much your little pup can digest. However, if you are looking for a rough estimate, then, for pups less than 10 pounds, a couple of slices of sushi is good enough. However, for dogs measuring over 70 pounds, 3-4 rolls of sushi are good enough (as per the vet’s instructions). On the whole, moderation is the key to success. 

Last words 

For everyone who wants to know can dogs eat sushi and what its benefits are for your pooch – the answer is simply that: if it does not contain the harmful ingredients mentioned above, then sushi is worth a treat for your pooch! Following the above-mentioned recipe, you can make the ideal sushi for your dear dog. It is a wholesome, nutritious meal that your little one will love to the core. However, as a cautionary measure, try to keep dogs away from human food since that could untowardly harm them. Rather, stick to the meat-based, vet-approved diet.  

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