How To Get Onion Smell Off Hands In 5 Ways

As much as you love to savor your dishes with a dash of onion, they are not the most amicable of vegetables! In more than a single scenario, they tend to leave a smell in your hand that doesn’t go away – even after a day! You might use the best of stench dispensers to rinse off the smell, but it still stays. So, how to get onion smell off hands? We have the hacks right here! 

This post will give you a list of tricks you can try to rinse the smell off your hands. When done correctly, you will get to see the results within a short period. Let us begin with the tricks – 

How to get onion smell off hands quickly? 

Note: As a preventive measure, wearing a set of disposable gloves (latex/non-latex) while working will save you a lot of labor. 

Apart from that, here are some of the ways that you can try out – 

1. Wash your hands with salt soap 

salt soap to remove onion smell from hands
Image Credit: Himalayan Secrets

Salt soap is a great way to rinse the smell off your hands. To create this salt soap scrub, you will need either dish soap, liquid hand soap, or bar soap, along with Himalayan pink salt, table salt, kosher salt, or sea salt. Added to that, you will need a pinch of baking soda to create the perfect lather. 

Add 1 tablespoon of each of your chosen soap and salt types, along with baking soda. Combine it well and create a thick lather. Rub your hands with it for 20-30 seconds, and wash your hands off under cold water to remove the smell. 

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2. Coffee beans can help you in this 

coffee beans scrub for removing onion smell
Image Credit: Medical News Today

Caffeine, assumingly, not only helps you charge up but also removes the smell of onions! Want to see how to get onion smell off hands with coffee beans? Here’s the trick – make a scrub of coffee beans or ground coffee. Use that scrub on your hand and rub it well. Continue this process for close to a minute, and then wash your hands under running cold water. The coffee beans neutralize the odor, thereby relieving your hands of the same. 

3. Squeeze lemon juice in your hands 

squeeze lemon to remove onion smell
Image Credit: Food Republic

The effect of natural acid is a fantastic way to remove the onion smell from your hands. Squeeze lemon juice into your hands and rub it all over. Make sure that this juice is all around your fingers or even under your nails. After rubbing it over for close to a minute, wash it under flowing cold water. 

Please do not use this method if you have any cuts on your hand. The lemon juice can sting. 

If you do not have lemon at your place, the other available options are – 

vinegar, peanut butter, celery and tomato juices, aloe vera, and mint leaves. Follow the same procedure and wash your hands afterward. 

4. Rub your hands with stainless steel 

rub your hands on stainless steel to remove onion smell
Image Credit: Pinterest

Wondering how to get onion smell off hands with stainless steel? We will guide you correctly. Pick up any stainless steel utensil, spoon, or bar and rub your hands with that. If neither of them is available, rub your hands over the stainless steel sink. After that, wash your hands well. You will soon see that the odor has vanished. 

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Just for your information: The key to removing the onion smell from your hands is to metabolize its compounds. Stainless steel clings to these sulfur molecules (neutralizes them) and removes the smell from your hands.

5. A combo of toothpaste and mouthwash 

how to get onion smell off hands
Image Credit: Newsweek

Would you believe if we told you a combo of toothpaste and mouthwash could help you get rid of the pesky smell? Yes! Irrespective of the flavors, a combination of these works well to help you get rid of the smell. 

Combine a lumpsum quantity of these 2 products, and rub your hand with the mixture for 30 seconds. After that, you can wash it under water. You will find the smell gone! 

Why does the onion smell stay on your hands? 

For the unversed, onion and garlic are alliums with sulfur components. Hence, when you touch or work with them, the pungent odor stays in your hands. In fact, it can stay for a couple of hours if the compounds are not metabolized correctly. With the abovementioned tricks, you know how to get onion smell off hands correctly. 

Parting thoughts 

Onions are highly nutritious and add taste to any dish you put them in. However, its sulfur compound tends to bring a lingering smell. Assuming you have read this post well, you are now aware of how to get onion smell off hands, by using any of these tricks. Pick the one that suits you best, and let us know your experiences in the comments section. For more exciting topics like these – keep following this page!