How to Grow Your Nails: Step by Step Guide

Believe it or not, but in order to grow your nails, you need to get rid of shellac. Yes, that nail treatment the nail industry is buzzing about. In the latest few years, shellac has become one of the hottest nail treatments. It is understandable. Women everywhere are looking for a quick solution for their problem. And when the problem is you have no nails, and you want to grow them instantly, shellac is the way to go.

And with trends like oval shape nails, almond shape nails, and rounded nails, you need to have longer than usual nails. Now, before we start, I want to stress that once you swore off shellac, your nails will grow to a length you’ve never seen before. It is like magic. Are you ready to start your transformation? Here is the step by step guide how to get there.

Step 1 – Stop using shellac

You can even say that this step applies to any other beauty nail treatment. Like gel nails, or acrylic nails. Save your money and ditch all the products like shellac. After you’ve stopped using these harsh chemicals, give your nails time to heal and rejuvenate. Just think of everything your nails have to go through for a shellac treatment. Start with the buffing and roughing up the nails, the harsh chemicals of the polish, and then throw in the UV light. All of these hampers with the natural structure of your nails.

And let’s not even talk about how some women peel them off. When you consider everything, you are left with brittle and bumpy nails. And it is time to stop that.

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Step 2 – Determine your shape

Now that you’ve ditched the shellac, it is time to determine the shape you want. As mentioned, the almond shape is one of your options. You can go for oval as well. However, almond shaped nails are one of the hottest trends on the market right now. You get a rounded edge, all of which creates an optical illusion of longer nails. It is a win-win scenario, to be honest. Plus, the size is just about right. Not too lengthy, and not too short.

Step 3 – Get a good treatment

You cannot get good nails without a proper treatment. But when I talk about treatment, I am not talking about that UV stuff. I am talking about keratin treatment. This mild solution for sensitive nails is perfect when your nails are damaged by all the shellac and wearing artificial nails. Keratin based treatment for nails contains keratin, a protein that gives your nails strength and moisturizing effect. You can try similar products, all of which are designed for thin, brittle, and chipped nails.

Finish the treatment with some essential oils massage that will prevent your nails from bending and breaking.

Step 4 – Bring a first aid file

If you want to have long and well-shaped nails, the trick is to carry a file with you all the time. This is probably the most important step after ditching shellac. Keep one nail file in every purse, and you will always be ready for some first-aid kit. You can instantly smooth out any peel, chip, or snag on your nails. If you do not have a file at that moment, you risk your nails breaking. Then, you have to start from scratch.

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Step 5 – Moisturize

You’ve probably heard this word. Moisturizing is key to healthy skin, but also to healthy nails. During the winter, for example, your nails need even extra moisture. During cold months, the air is dry, and you have to give your nails nourishing ingredients. You can start off with a hand cream and cuticle oil.

Step 6 – Improve your diet

We talked about moisture and oils, but we focused on outside product. You should not underestimate your diet, and how it affects your nails.

If you want to have long and sexy nails, drink a lot of water, and load your diet with healthy fats. Omega-3 are your best friends for long nails.