How To Style Turtleneck Dress In 5 Fashionable Ways?

There are only a handful of ensembles that match the class of a turtleneck dress. Touted to be the ultimate G.O.A.T of the fall and winter seasons, turtleneck dresses are the choice for every occasion – be it a personal cocktail party or a professional presentation. For the unversed, switching up a turtleneck dress is quite a challenge, given the variety of available iterations. If you, too, are in a dicey situation and looking for ways how to style turtleneck dress, this fashion blog will give you answers.

This blog will give you a couple of trending ways to style your turtleneck dress. Without much ado –

How to style turtleneck dress in trendy ways?

There are umpteen ways to style your turtleneck dress, and in this section, you will get a sneak peek into some of the trendy ways –

  1. Style the turtleneck dress with a wool coat

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A turtleneck dress with a wool coat is a fashion lover’s dream!! Assuming you are opting for a turtleneck in a darker tone (black, beige, or deep navy blue), opt for a lighter wool coat in the shade. A collared pea coat in a long lapel is a timeless choice, covering you up to the knees. Choose pink, mauve, lemon yellow, light green, or even light turquoise.

Pick a sling bag with this look, and wear long socks with dress boots to up the fashion game.

   2. You can pull a pair of high-socks or tights with your dress

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In the above-mentioned section, you have seen how to singularly wear a turtleneck dress. However, if you are a first-timer and not comfortable with flaunting your legs – you can also pair up the dress with a pair of tights or knee-length socks.

While opting for either socks or tights – it is better if you go in for darker tints such as jet black or navy blue. In fact, shimmery tights are in vogue these days, and you may opt for the same. Want some color for your lowers – go in for contrasting shades with your dress. If you like patterns, you can also opt for the same.

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  3. Styling a turtleneck with ankle boots and a tailored jacket

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Donning a tailored jacket on top is how to style turtleneck dress if you have a party to attend! If you are looking for that ideal tailored jacket that will look best on a turtleneck dress, experts advise you to choose from – structured or fitted silhouettes.

Normally, one adds a jacket to this look to create the perfect layer for a turtleneck. Cropped jackets are a great way to add dimension to your look. Regarding the color, going for a black-white option or a simple black-threaded option is better.

Assuming you are wearing tights along with your turtleneck, ankle boots in jet black are the perfect go-to option.

  4. The denim jacket and scarf combo are a fan favourite!

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If you are a fan of K-dramas, then there’s no chance you have not seen this combo! The moment the hero ties the scarf sweetly over the heroine’s neck is every fan’s dream’s moment. Snapping back to reality, you can revel in this fan moment all by yourself as well.

Most people opt for blue denim jackets, but if you have a bright or patterned turtleneck dress, then you can go in for a black denim jacket as well. Top it up with a fall-toned scarf in either dual shades or a mono-tone format. Even with your scarf, you can either tie it in the traditional single-knot fashion or opt for the dual knot or rolled-into format.

Get a printed bag with Chelsea boots and keep your hair open or opt for a half-knot.

  5. To make it chic – pair a sweater with a turtleneck dress

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You have seen it multiple times but have not been able to master the strategy. Let’s show you how to style turtleneck dress with a sweater. For starters, you will have to choose neutral-toned sweaters that are snugly knit. Also, avoid button-up sweaters, and go in for options such as polo neck, crew neck, sweater vest, or roll-neck sweater to ace the look.

Then simply put it over the turtleneck dress, singularly or if you have paired it with a pair of tights.

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To amp up the look – tie up your hair in a ponytail, and go in for a pair of statement earrings and fashion boots.

These are some of the easiest and most opted ways to style your turtleneck dress. You can alter the patterns and shades as per your likes.

What to remember before buying turtleneck dresses?

As fashionable as they might be, there are certain key factors you cannot miss while buying a turtleneck dress. When you buy a turtleneck dress keeping in mind these factors, rest assured you will have a standard ensemble that you would never want to part with –

  • Is it warm enough?

Turtlenecks are for the fall and winter. Hence, you need to look out for one with long sleeves. Additionally, you will have to check the material. Some dresses are comparatively thinner and need layering while you style them. Do you need one like that? The other alternative available is – a thicker and meshy turtleneck dress that is warm enough and does not require additional layering.

  • What precisely do you need – rather than what you want?

Before you figure out how to style turtleneck dress you will have to understand what you need from it. Normally, they are stretchy and would rather add to your chic look (something that you can easily pair up for a cocktail party).

However, if you are looking for something that would specifically keep you warm – chances are that you will find a comparatively heavier material. Understand your requirements before finalizing a dress.

  • The fitting of a turtleneck dress is crucial

Lastly, the fittings of a turtleneck dress are crucial. You must be aware – of those turtlenecks that are fitted and rather flattering to your curves. They are made of thinner knit and need additional layering to keep you warm.

However, if you are looking for classic thicker knits, you will find them to be comparatively loose and rather drapey. Also, you have to opt for midi-length dresses, to mid-thigh to ones down the calves. Figure out which suits your body and go in for the same.


Do you now have clarity about how to style turtleneck dress trendily for every occasion? Which one of the styles did you like the most? If you have any trendy style up your sleeve, do share it with us in the comments section. Also, if you are looking for more fashion-related articles, keep browsing through this website.