Top 25 summer festivals for music and art lovers, foodies and families

To help you plan your summer vacation this year, we have come up with a comprehensive list of all the festivals for all you lovers of music, arts, food and family gathering. You will definitely be spoilt for choice.

5-7 September, Portmeirion

This festival takes place in the scenic village of Portmeirion. The festival is full of musical acts that include art and plenty of food scattered across several locations. There is also plenty of accommodation options that include cozying up in a tent or even finding your footing at the nearby castle.

24-27 July, St. Germans

The venue itself features smooth and well-landscaped ground that would put the queen’s palace to shame. From fairytale woodlands to grassy savannas, the place is a dream venue for music and art performances. This is probably the first festival to blend art, music, and literature into one mega festival.

26-27 September, Ullapool

The Loopallu festival is one of the Scottish best-kept secrets. The event is held in the small village of Ullapool. It is one of the main festivals that constantly hit the headlines. The line-up for this year is yet to be released but they never disappoint.

30 May, Fire in the mountain

This is a festival organized by a non-profit organization. The setting is at the foot of the Cambrian hills and the funds collected are directed toward renovating the grounds in which the festival is held. There are a variety of foods from pizza to bread and later you can have a bonfire with the performers.

24-26 June, 3Foot People

This festival is held at Hylands Park. It is an event organized by enthusiasts of children under 5. They use props such as farm animals to entertain children together with their families.

15-17 August, Lollibop

The festival held at Hatfield House is organized annually for children under 10. It is an event filled with great music, arts and plenty of food option for the little ones. Several TV characters also grace the occasion.


15-17 August, Just So

Relive your childhood with grassland pillow fights. You will also experience the thrill of the bedsheet-fort building while being entertained by the likes of Gabby Young.

1-3 August, Chilled in a Field

This is another non-profit event organized for families with kids. You will experience fun in form of workshops and water fights for the duration of the festival.

14-17 August, The Summer House Weekend

This was a festival that was started by a group of friends who were celebrating their birthday. It slowly mutated into a full-blown festival where a number of performances from various musicians happen. The Saturday night event features more erotic element hence it is dubbed 18 and over.

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17-21 July, Somersault

This is a new event that has been introduced to recapture the element of summer vacation. From great food and wild activities, you will be treated to a flurry of activities including horse riding, swimming and bird watching.

6-8 June, Lunar

This festival is currently enjoying its second year and takes place in the home of songwriter Nick Drake in Warwickshire. You will enjoy electric performances from various artists who grace the occasion. You will also be treated to other activities including Yoga, bird watching and many more.

19-20 July, Orchestival

Just as the name suggests, you will be treated to a combination of great music and performances from renowned artists like The Unthanks and Squarepusher. Be ready to be blown away by great music mixer and conductor Hazlewood.

1-3 August, Lowther Deer Park

Although this is mostly a music festival, it is also widely known for its great variety of foods available. You will get the best burgers and chicken delicacies in this festival. And if you are a fan of all things organic, do not worry, you are all covered.

31 July – 3rd August, Camp Bestival

Held at Lulworth Castle, this festival is the sister festival to Rob Da Bank’s festival. Although it is highly known for its full music performances, you will also be treated to great food combinations and chef’s special from various cuisines. This is where all chefs come to try their newly acquired skills and the results are always fantastic.

24-26 May, Feats in the woods

How about venturing out in the woods for the sole purpose of having the best meal in town. This festival brings together all things foods. You will have great talks with people who have had it all in matters food. You will also be told about the history of food revolutions before you settle down to have a communal food on Saturday.

29-31 August, The Big Festival

The big festival combines great food and music acts that fill the stage with electrifying results. Besides an exclusive performance from Kelis who will be dropping her new album, there will be the new act from Big Apple Hot Dogs and many more.

21-22 June, Also

Happening in Warwickshire, the event is mainly focused on intelligent debates about various issues. This year’s theme is Speed and there will be talks about the speed of light and how to age. After that, there will be music performances from various artists on stage.

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22 May – 1 June, How the light gets in

This is another intellectual festival that features talks from various experts on issues and philosophy followed by electrifying performances from artists in between. Various issues and themes such as the Big Bang Theory are discussed.

7-10 August, Wilderness

The event takes place and Cornbury Park and is widely known for its intelligent conversations. There is an organized programme that features talks from renowned organizations such as The School of Life and Guerilla Science. Thereafter, you will be treated to good music and performances followed by a massage in the spa.

21-22 June, A friend, A book and a garden

Just as the name suggests, this festival included enjoying literary works from the comfort of a garden and nature. The walled garden of the 17th century Petworth house hosts this inspiring event with performances and inspiration from renowned writers and authors.

29 August – 1st September, Salt

This event is a new entrant into a series of festivals held in Norway. It mainly focuses on the exploration of art in its natural form. You will be inspired by information regarding archeological artwork and the future of climate change.

10-13 July, Exit, and Sea Dance

This event happens in Serbia and this would be its 15th year running. It is a dance festival the futures renowned dancers across Europe and this year’s event will be graced by Damon Albarn.

20-22 June, Body, and Soul

Body and soul festival is held annually in Ireland and features a holistic approach to your general health. It is an event for both younger and older kids where the imagination of the children is inspired by a series of acts and performances including talks.

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7-9 August, Way Out

This unique Swedish festival is held every year and is mainly centered on the environment and music. You will have great musical performances as you stick to a strict diet of vegetarian food and other healthy choices. This is in fact what makes this a unique festival.

9-12 September, Unknown

The unknown festival is held in the coastal town of Rovinj. It is basically an all event festival where adults come to enjoy performances and acts from various artist. Accommodation is also provided on the forest lodges and beach tents.