Father’s Day Gifts That Dads Want Most

When Mother’s Day feels like yesterday, Father’s Day is actually around the corner. So, have you come up with any gift-giving ideas as to the upcoming Father’s Day? Dads are not like moms, who get delighted at flowers and handbags. Dads tend to prefer something totally different, which makes it not easy to choose a thoughtful Father’s Day gift. The most important thing is to meet dads’ preferences. If you’re not quite sure of your dad’s taste, we recommend you go for something with high practicability, preferably for work and leisure. Don’t worry, here are some useful tips for you to buy gifts that dads want.

Tech Gifts

Classic Gifts

Below are the most popular and classic gifts for fathers, regardless of their age and preferences.

  1. An electric razor: it’s always a classic choice. It helps busy dads better tidy up their beard. 
  2. A belt: a man’s belt is as important as a woman’s bag. A premium belt well reflects the wearer’s status.
  3. A watch: few accessories are made for men, but watches are one of them, very suitable as a Father’s Day gift.
  4. A wallet: it’s most likely that your dad’s present wallet has been used for years. Surprise him with a new durable wallet as a Father’s Day present.
  5. Drinkware: a fine wine coupled with an exquisite set of drinkware will enable your dad to experience the luxury to the most. 
  6. A tea set: with it, your dad can treat his friends with fine tea at home and have a good chat.
  7. Fishing gear: as fathers grow older, they may also grow fond of self-cultivation activities like fishing. Then, good fishing gear would make the best Father’s Day gift.

Romantic Gifts

If you want to truly warm your dad’s heart, here’re some ideas to get you thinking about how to create a memorable Father’s Day.

  1. A letter: sincerely tell your dad your gratefulness and appreciation.
  2. A hug: give him a big hug to show your love beyond words.
  3. A massage: give your dad a massage to free him of tiredness and show him your care for his health.
  4. A big meal: treat him to a big meal at a Michelin-starred restaurant and fill him with a sense of having a special festival.
  5. Go camping or have a trip: travel with your dad and also your mom, count the stars and watch the sunrise together. 
  6. Photo shoot: take your dad to a photo studio for a group of photo shoots. The last time he took such a photo was probably when he got married.
  7. Fine wine: send your dad a bottle of the best wine in the world and let him know life should be more than just a beer and a glass of water. 
  8. Watch the World Cup together and talk with your dad like good friends. 
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Tech Gifts

Some dads love gadgets and couldn’t be happier to spend hours playing with them. If so for your dad, the following gifts may suit his liking. 

  1. A Bluetooth game headset: for dads who love to play electronic games, a high-quality headset can tremendously enhance their gaming experience.
  2. A projector: a projector allows mom and dad to watch movies at home as if they were in the theatre.
  3. An iPhone: not the second-hand iPhone that you have used, but the latest model. 
  4. VR technology: take your dad to experience VR technology. Men are often drawn to new technologies. 
  5. A sweeping robot: send a sweeping robot to your dad, who doesn’t like to do housework.

Household Products

If you give your dad a household product as a Father’s Day present, it can become a daily reminder of your love for him.

  1. A latex pillow allows Dad who has worked hard for most of his life to sleep well.
  2. Casual clothes, such as polo shirts or sportswear, to make him look younger this summer.
  3. A new suit might make Dad look great.
  4. Give Dad a briefcase to keep his papers tidy.
  5. A comfortable pair of walking sneakers makes jogging and walking in the park easier.
  6. Take Dad to the optician’s to try out a pair of reading glasses so he can read more clearly.

Healthcare Gifts

It’s also a good idea to send middle-aged and elderly dads healthcare products as Father’s Day gifts.

  1. A smart weighing scale: with it, even if you’re not around, you can always know your father’s general health.
  2. A massage armchair: massage and relax your dad to make his body more comfortable and his life easier.
  3. Nutrition and health products: send some vitamins and other health products in a gift hamper, so that your dad can replenish his vitality after work.
  4. A health kettle and a box of good tea: to encourage and remind Dad of a healthy lifestyle.
  5. An electric toothbrush: it helps maintain oral health, which is especially important for middle-aged and elderly dads. 
  6. An insurance policy: buying an insurance policy is very important to comprehensively improve a family’s ability to resist risks.
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Despite the gifts recommended above, there’re also many other things fitted as Father’s Day presents, but the most important thing is to make Dad happy. What do you think?