A Guide to Chocolates and Sex

When you’re in the business of being a high-class escort, you very quickly learn the importance of having a libido that’s always ready to go. While there are a lot of ways to boost your libido naturally, in the spirit of the upcoming Easter holidays we’ve decided to focus on our favorite aphrodisiac on the list: chocolate. Here is a guide about the Chocolates and Sex combination. (www.laserdocmd.com)

Every girl loves the taste of a good bar of chocolate, and the fact that it’s a libido booster just brings it closer to being the best substance on planet Earth – bar none. So, gentlemen, let’s take a dive into the world of aphrodisiacs and cocoa; we’ll all undoubtedly be much the better for it.

Sensing The Chemistry

First thing’s first: the chemistry (and yes, we mean the fun kind).

Chocolate is only classifiable as an aphrodisiac when it has a cocoa solids concentration of higher than 70 percent. So, when we say chocolate, we mean good quality dark chocolate, not your average Cadbury bar off the shelves. Chocolate needs to have a higher concentration of cocoa solids in order to have an effect on our bodies, which is why dark chocolate works so well.

Cocoa contains a high number of compounds that are good for sexual health. Let’s get into the nitty-gritty science of some of these:

Tryptophan. Tryptophan is a component of serotonin, which is essentially the body’s happiness chemical. Taking in tryptophan increases the production of serotonin in the brain, creating a “feel good” sensation that contributes to feeling happy and comfortable during sex.

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Phenylethylamine. This is a part of your body’s amphetamines, and when combined with serotonin these two chemicals are what creates sexual arousal. The combination of these two neurotransmitters (essentially, brain chemicals) is also helpful in treating erectile dysfunction.

L-arginine. Amino acids are essential in the human body for building proteins, but this one also has much more fun use. L-arginine acts as a natural dilator for blood vessels, which means that it literally gets people’s blood going. The dilated blood vessels mean that more blood is rushing through the sexual organs of anyone eating the chocolate, creating more intense feelings of sexual desire. That’s a plus in our book, and for our premium escorts in Melbourne.

Remember, though, that no one is sitting around eating incredibly large amounts of chocolate, so these effects aren’t massive. Having a piece for yourself can help to ease any nervous tension and increase the sexual tension, but it’s not going to create an atmosphere out of nowhere.

However… You can use it to do some very fun things in the bedroom.

Getting Sweet in The Bedroom

Combining Chocolates and Sex is almost a no-brainer. Both Chocolates and Sex are incredibly pleasurable things. Our brains release the same chemicals when we eat and when we have sex, although in different amounts, so using food to increase sexual arousal in the bedroom is bound to give you a heightened experience.

The easiest way to do it is to use chocolate syrup, absolutely liberally, but also carefully. (Sugar shouldn’t be getting anywhere near genitals, gentlemen, for health reasons.)

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Drizzle chocolate over each other and lick it off or blindfold your partner and have her guess what body part she’s licking chocolate off of. Getting a little creative in the bedroom never hurt anyone, so maybe try drawing on her back with the syrup and seeing if she can guess what it is. And if she guesses right… Well. We’ll let you decide the reward, shall we?