Hidden Information About Medici Family You Should Know Knowing Medici Florence

Have you been wondering what is remaining to know about Medici House and Medici Family? You might have wondered all over the internet and gathered information about Medici Florence that they had been known for their banking prowess and could rite to power. Today, we will discuss the personal life of the Medici family. Also, about facts related to their personal life. It will be informative and helpful to understand how they lived and how their personal life was. So, without taking more time. We will start with the facts that you should know about the Medici family and Medici House. 

The Following Information Is Based On Facts:

There is no doubt the Medici family was known for their banking prowess. But they were famous for the arts, and intrigue surrounds them. They had tried everything they could to acquire the power and rise. Thus, the following are the facts about Medici Family.

Medici Family Was Essential Patrons Of Art

Art was expensive, even at the time of the renaissance. Medici Florence believed that all folks view and appreciate arts, no matter if they can afford to purchase it or not. It became the root cause for them to be considered the first marketers or arts in modern history. Medici family believed and told to pay for art, give it to the cities and churches is the Stairway to Heaven.

Medici Family Was Wealthiest In The 15th Century:

This family had started the most popular Bank of Europe. It was Medici Bank, and they had pioneered some of the banking rules. Once, they had managed the most fortune in Europe. It gave them too much wealth. The Medici family has issued one currency at that time. It is the florin, and most businesses had preferred this currency for their transactions. Some historians said that the famous (balls) PALLE on the Medici coat arms were also related to coins and represented the coins. Their logo is available and visible on several buildings throughout Florence. It’s how Medici Florence worked.

They created the best-selling tour, where Florence was walking with the statue of David. Michelangelo was one of the greatest Renaissance artists. The David statue is his masterpiece. You can find the venture to see the center of Florence. It includes the leather market, baptistry doors, Duomo, and many more.

Another top-rated tour was the SKIP THE LINE UFFIZI GALLERY TOUR. Uffizi Gallery is the museum that is most-visited in Florence. You can learn all stories behind all arts that had brought this world out of the darkness.

Having Tightness With Michelangelo

Talking about art, Michelangelo had direct relations with Medici Family. But the link was the love/hate relationship between the Medici family and Michelangelo. However, they had commissioned some of his works, and those arts became his iconic masterpieces. It includes the statue of David, the Sistine Chapel, and Moses. From them, David has become the symbol of Florence.

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They Were Not Nobles

According to the information, the Medici family was not from noble blood. But their family tree was full of intelligence and business acumen. Anyone who knows where the Medici family lives know why they have proclaimed the Grand Dukes Of Tuscany. But this family never wanted others to know their modest origin. So, they had encouraged to spread more rumors about their roots.

Some people said that this family was descended from the God Perseus. Other legend declared that this family has relations with Charlemagne’s knights who had defended the giant.

Their Role To Create Gelato:

Medici family was instrumental in creating one of the most delicacies of Italy Gelato. But, in 1565, the Florentine chef Bernardo Buontalenti had invented the latest and modern Gelato. At that time, he was asked by Grand Duke Cosimo I de Medici to organize a banquet that receives the Spanish Deputation. Thus, he decided and wanted to surprise everyone with his new invention. That is a tasty dessert based on Eggnog milk Fruit. It gave birth to the most famous Florentine Cream and Buontalenti. It means if you enjoy some Gelato, you should thank Medici Florence or the Medici family.

Some Of Medici Family Became Popes

If you want to know how many Medici family members had become popes, the number is four. Giovanni Di Lorenzo de’ Medici was the most famous and known as Leo X having a super taste in art. He was willing to restructure and rebuild St. Peter’s Basilica by taking help from Michelangelo. But they lacked the money to do it. So, he had created the Indulgences documents. It declared that people that had contributed to the cathedral were absolved of sins in exchange for the money. But everyone did not like this idea, especially a man who was rising against the church.

The Medici Family Wasn’t Vegan:

The Medici family was a big fan of meat of all types. It includes duck, chicken liver, wild boar prosciutto, and bistecca alla Fiorentina. At that time, people didn’t think it was an unhealthy diet. But they consider it a more healthy and wealthy diet. Because of this, some of the most Medicis, including Cosimo, the elder, had suffered from gout. Gout is the disease of kings. Thus, one should never recommend people to have this type of diet in their breakfast, lunch, and dinner. But, most people suggest trying Florentine Steak because this dish is precious and delicious.

Having Their Alchemist

Do you know Medici Family had an alchemist? It is Francesco Di Medici. With a secret room, Lo Studiolo, inside the Pazzo Vecchio, decorated with hidden closets full of exotic potions, and weird things from all over the world, had an alchemist. Have you ever heard of the word Alchemist? This word has quite a deep meaning, and everyone should know the meaning of Alchemist. You can search on Google about the meaning of alchemy. People believe that whenever someone comes to know about the word Alchemist, he wants his unique Alchemist. After understanding this term, you can understand why Medici Florence was famous for the Medici family.

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Medici Florence Valued The Preservation Of Art

Do you know the Medici family had created the Family Pacts ensuring the preservation of all of the Medici Family’s artworks? The reason was the last descendant of the family, Anna Maria Luisa de Medici’s love for Florence. Those Family Pacts belonged to the state to educate people about Medici Family. Another reason was to attract foreigners and tourists. We should thank their legacy because we can enjoy the countless treasures in Florence like their Uffizi Gallery. 

They Had Their Mathematician

Everyone has to know that money can’t buy everything. If you have Galileo Galilei was their mathematician. He was a famous philosopher and close buddy. This mathematician gifted his ex-student, The Grand Duke Cosimo II of Tuscany, the medician stars, and a discovery of four celestial orbs. These all had become a perfect way to honor the renowned Medici Family.

They Never Used To Walk Outside

It is one of the most astonishing facts about this royal family that the Medici family did not have to step outside if they did not please. The whole family lived in the Pitti Palace located in Florence. It is around the Ponte Vecchio from the Uffizi or their office. What does it mean? It means that you have to cross the Arno River through the way of the Ponte Vecchio to visit their palace, or say Pitti Palace and their offices, or say Uffizi. Doesn’t it make you excited to visit Pitti Palace? Most visitors claimed that it was enjoyable, relaxing, peaceful, and lovely to cross the Arno River, especially while visiting Pitti Palace. If you have never visited Pitti Palace, you will be excited to see it once, as soon as you start crossing the river. It creates beautiful scenery and scenarios that most people can find satisfying and rewarding.

Building Their Offices, Uffizi

Yes. You read it right. The Uffizi Gallery in Medici Florence is their place to run business. You might be surprised by reading the word Uffizi. But it makes sense in the Italian language because its meaning translated in English is Office. For any business, their owners need a well-established and decorated office that can attract more clients. You can also say it is essential to have a well-defined and arranged office to run your business. Also, to create your business’s value among the clients who visit your business place. 

Wrapping Up:

What else could you know about Medici Florence? Have you ever read about the astonishing and stunning facts about Medici Family? You may have surprised after understanding that the Medici family was not vegan or vegetarian, and they used to have artists creating an expensive and beautiful legacy of arts. If this article could give you new and informative information about Medici Family, you can let us know about it. Also, share what you did knew about Medici Family.