Wanna try crazy fashion? Russell Westbrook dress can inspire you!

“Kill” is his code word – and what did he do? – “literally killed fashion” at the Met Gala 2022. Who are we talking about? Russell Westbrook – the Laker from NBA. What are we talking about? Russell Westbrook dress!

Call him crazy, call his choices sartorial (or insane, who cares, he rocks) – the NBA MVP (2016-17 season) and still a top gamer for Los Angeles Lakers, Russell, or rather Mr. Carousal Westbrook with that Givenchy model-like body does make one wonder – could he have been a fashion model if not a top basketball guy? Well, who wears a pair of vermillion red glasses with no lens for a press con? OK! Name someone who wears the coded dress to piss off the opposition and flamboyantly says, “I wear dress for nobody!” (Refer to his: Official Photographer captioned tee at Kevin Durant game!) 

Having said that – how about trying out what he tries for a change? Well, you won’t be going as a guest to Ellen’s show, but that must not stop you from going bonkers.

Go crazy wrapping the Russell Westbrook dress style!

As a polarized self-claimed fashionista, Westbrook has emerged shockingly as a man who wears and carries off almost anything. In fact, there’s a whole fashion grouping that can dedicate pages to a Russell Westbrook dress. 

If you, too, wish to try out some of those dresses (are you ready to burn a hole in your pocket? If not, this drop-down can help) – here’s a list of all his crazy looks. Check what fits you – 

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  • Go all into the jungle! 

Remember the 2012 Richard Chai Fashion show, where Westbrook arrived in a leopard print shirt and green pants? That’s a good starter for you. 

Russell Westbrook dress

Try out: Getting leopard-printed shirts or, for that matter, animal-printed shirts is not a big deal. Pairing that up with trouser pants of yellow, red, baby pink, or even lime green shade is quite crazy! Try out a cowboy hat on that. Totally crazy? That’s the catch!! 


  • What’s the rush to come out of the jungle?

Heard of fisherman pants? That’s the pant Russell wears the most. Though they do come at a higher price but is one piece that’s worth your wallet. If you manage to lay your hands on this, pair it up with a full sleeve shirt of any hue. Going for the plain black or white tee is typically a copy of the Russell Westbrook dress. In case a little more experimental – try out baby pink/ lime green/ plain simple yellow. Pair it up with loafers!! 


  • Skirting your way 

True – Russell wore it to Met Gala 2022 just like Monopoly Man and you can wear it to your friend’s home party. Your friends also know how crazy you are planning to go – so get your tailor to don up a black skirt and pair it up with a lapeled shirt. Monochrome is the best option. Just to up your game an inch – take a silver-bordered brown stick to go with it. Would you like a hat? Then go for the one with a cup-like top and broad base (the Charlie and Chocolate Factory look). 

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Russell Westbrook dress
Image Credit: Marca


  • Crazy office party – keep it cool and simple 

Normally biker vests do not suit everyday wear, but do you care? You have decided to go for an affordable Russell Westbrook dress style so polka dots are a real game-changer. Choose out the polka dot shirt – keep it subtle (yes of a lighter shade) and go to tap it off with a comparatively deeper cotton biker vest. 


A blue inner and dirty green outer is a good combo (copy-paste of Westbrook). Also, the pink and light yellow (inner-outer) combo can be quite blimey and cranky!! 


  • Denim Denim – top to toe 

Westbrook may have gone for bleached pieces of denim – you can go for simple ones. A denim shirt with denim pants cannot be the ideal look, but who cares when you wanna go non compos mentis? Either choose a denim shirt or a jacket and keep it a little unbuttoned. 

To add on to the bling – pair it up with some bright-hued shoes ( settle for nothing less than hot pink/ sunrise orange/ blimey bright blue/ velvety violet)! 


  • Long jacket but shorts combo – maybe for a late-night drive

Boys/ Beer and Late-night drives – even though risky but almost a regular. If your friends call you up to hang out, and you are roaming around your house in shorts, that’s cool! (Valium) Just, put on a long jacket (nights can get suddenly chilly) and tap it with a baseball cap. 

Russell Westbrook dress

  • Painted shirts fine – but painted jeans?

Absolutely yes!! Why not? If you can rock the faded or ripped jeans so well, then why not a painted one?  Pretty rare, this form of jeans has multiple hued lines printed on them that make it pretty clunky apparently. Yet, when you pair it with a monochrome subtle formal shirt – and a classic pair of boots (black is the best option). 


Quite some fun guys? How do these bizarre fashion fundamentals look? When are you trying them? Go Willie Wonka – with a copy of that Russell Westbrook dress!! Go crazy – have fun – steal a moment of bizarreness from your frothy life!!