Product Photography for Higher Sales: How to Go About It!

Good product photographs separate stores from getting regular viewers from the store with daily sales. Product photographs are very efficient in helping customers create the first impression of your products.

Product photography is essential in e-commerce as it gives customers that “in-store” feel by giving them a detailed look at your products. Product photos are efficient in making a personal connection with customers. 

Product photography can tell your brand’s story and increase sales by evoking solid feelings. Continue reading this post if you want insights on how product photography can boost your store’s sales.     

Product photography tips for increasing sales

Here are a few tips for product photography that you can use to optimize your store’s sales:

1.Choose the proper lighting.

Lighting is one of the most critical aspects of product photography. The light source is crucial for the perfect product picture, from the background setting to the props.

To get the best results, shoot your products using natural light. Window spaces can be a good place for capturing the best product photos. However, check your picture brightness, as over-exposed pictures are ineffective in the e-commerce industry.  

Therefore, keeping an optimum distance from sunlight while conducting a product shoot is advisable. Use reflectors near solid light sources to capture the best product pictures. 

2.Optimize the product image size.   

It has become very trendy for e-commerce stores to feature multiple product photos. For instance, if you sell ice cream, you can feature numerous pictures of your box from various angles to create transparency between you and the customers.

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Generally, the smaller your product pictures are, the faster your website loads. In comparison, larger images take websites a long time to process. Optimizing your product pictures and making them look identical can streamline the shopping process, which results in more sales.     

3.Provide 360-degree photos of your products.

A 360-degree photo of your products can create a 3D viewing experience for customers. Click several still, high-resolution photographs of your product and then convert them into a clip in Photoshop.  

This feature lets your customers rotate the picture and envision themselves using your product. By providing this feature, you can streamline your customers’ viewing experience and, in turn, increase the rate of conversions.

Integrating 360-degree photographs into your products creates a conversation for the product. Pictures are great at arousing the imagination and telling stories, and that’s what 360-degree photos do for your online store.  

4.Get the right equipment.

This point might seem obvious, but clicking great pictures is extremely difficult without the right equipment. Imagine shooting indoors in a low-light atmosphere, and you need crisp images; you’ll need to hit the picture with the minimum shutter speed.  

It will take a long time for you to hold the camera steady; a steady shot of the product is impossible without using a tripod. In other cases, a DSLR is your best bet for taking multi-shot panoramas with minimum shadows.

Investing in product photography can create fantastic product images, providing customers with what they want and increasing store sales. 

5.Showcase different product colors. 

Show all your product colors, which can increase traffic to your store page. Everyone has different color preferences. So, by showcasing different product colors, you get more people searching for their favorite colors. 

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Providing your customers with color choices increases the scope of buyers significantly. It invites potential customers to your e-commerce store.

According to a study, using more colors in product pictures grabs our attention quickly and can improve sales significantly. Apply the basics of the color wheel and theory while editing and shooting the product. 

6.Use product descriptions and name the products. 

Providing great product pictures is essential, but there are other things that you should keep in mind. Use keyword-rich product names to rank your products higher in search engine results. 

Get help from your store analytics to know about the most searched keywords. Mixing these keywords with relevant products will result in good search rankings. Customers will also be able to find the products they want seamlessly.  


If you’ve been running an online store for a long time, you already know the power of good product photographs. A good product photograph can change a casual viewer into a buyer—the better product images you feature, the better the rate of inversions. 

Remember that how your brand is perceived depends on the quality of the products and the user experience you provide. Use this blog to create a seamless user experience with fantastic product images to increase your store’s sales.