Want to know how to show someone you care? Here are the tips!

From bringing bed coffee to spontaneous hugs, some people make our existence a tad bearable. They are jelly to your peanut butter, Cher to your Sonny, Blair to your Chuck. You cannot let them go! But what if you do not know how to show someone you care? Perhaps, you are not the expressive kind. Otherwise, you have an age gap issue and do not know the correct ways to express your gratitude without being taken in the ‘over the top’ way. This digital; write-up will give you a fair idea of how to convey your feelings.

As you navigate down this content, you will see some tips by which you, too, would be able to express your care and concern, both in the personal and professional space. Here’s how to express the same –

How to show someone you care through your gestures?

For most people, expressing themselves is not a problem. They can simply walk up and state their feelings, get a gift, and bring you a thank you card and a bouquet of roses. But if you are hovering on this page, you are someone who does have a problem expressing yourself. So, how to show someone you care without leaving your ‘not-so-expressive’ attitude behind? Let’s take a look –

Is that person your partner?

Then the bond is exceptionally different, and rather than the random gifting process, you need to do something intensely intimate to show your care. So, how to show someone you care, especially if that person is your partner and you are not the ‘shout-out-from-the-rooftop’ kind of lover?

  • Time is your biggest gift to him or her

Time in general, is the biggest gift you can give to anyone you care deeply about. When it comes to your partner, give them your time and understanding. Spend quality time with them, hear the other person out – from rants to romance, and let them express themselves before you. There’s nothing better your partner would enjoy than having to listen to them speaking unfiltered.

Also, whenever you catch up sometime, do things they enjoy. Whether playing a game or Netflixing together, make the other person feel loved. Try to ensure you are just a call or a knock away when they want your time.

how to show someone you care

  • Ask about the person’s well-being

When well-being is concerned, it is not always the physical aspect but mental health as well. If you wish to know how to show someone you care, another thing you must do is – ask your partner if they are alright, both physically and mentally. If they are disturbed or frustrated, try to help them by calming your partner, discussing the topic and way outs, or simply going out for a couple-walk.

  • Do the chores in reverse

Another way to express gratitude towards your partner is taking over your partner’s share of responsibility for the day or week, whatever is feasible. Just let your other half complete his backlogged projects or laze around a little more in bed and enjoy some time out for oneself while you do up the chores.

  • Surprise plans

From cooking up a meal to taking your partner out for late-night ice cream and drive – surprise plans are the best mode to express your care and love. Have you ever thought of showing up at your partner’s office with lunch during break hours? That’s how to show someone you care deeply about.

  • Gift them something necessary

You can never go wrong with gifts, especially when it is necessary for your spouse. He is carrying an old wallet – get him a new one. Has her hair drier stopped working – check the websites for another and replace it. She just can’t get to book the tickets for the latest flick featuring her favourite hero. Be the hero and book the tickets!

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What if the person is from a different age group?

To show your care and concern to your partner is one thing. But how to show someone you care if that person is from a different age – bracket? You could just take your little one out for a gaming session if it is your kid. But if it is a younger colleague or someone you deeply care about – here are some of the ways to care for them –

  • Take them for an outing

You love the fact that they are around and help you out every time you need them, at times unsaid! So, how to pay them back? Taking them for an outing. It could be a movie or a concert, or some music festival. You could get the tickets, grab coffees and munchies and shower your love upon your junior.

  • Respect them

It is normal for people not to respect their juniors. Though it goes against the norms of ethics, most people do it without guilt. How about you turning the tables and doing it, especially for juniors or young ones you deeply care about? Respect them, try to ponder upon and integrate their views, and ask for their opinions. Though these actions are part of a standard code of conduct but can be your answer to how to show someone you care, especially who is junior to you.

  • Cards, sweetmeats, gifts always work

The most common form of caring, and if it comes from a senior – the value of the same amplifies. A card on their birthday or a gratitude card to express your emotions for a work they performed well. Some sweetmeats or general gifts provide a range for you to choose from.

  • Be their listening kind of person

As a senior, there are times a person, short of your age by a couple of years, might want advise or someone to hear them out. How about you being their go-to person? In this manner, not only will you forge a sense of trust with the person, but this exchange of ideas will also enrich your experience. Be the person, who listens to them and comprehends their fears, and in return, advises them for their betterment.

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how to show someone you care

  • Teach them something new

Do you want to know how to show someone you care in a novel way when that person is junior to you by some years? Well, you can teach him a new skill. It could be a life-saving one or a career-boosting one. As a senior, they would look up to you to know how to proceed in their lives. This is a way you may shower your care and return the favour, even if a little.

How to show care in a professional domain?

Assuming you are reading this till here, you do have a basic idea about how to show someone you care when it is a personal space. When you are done reading this, we will hope you will apply some of them in reality and express your sense of gratitude.

But what if you are in a professional domain? The procedures that work with intimate bonds do not work out here. So, it is time you check out some other gestures that might be apparently ‘usual colleague things’ but is specifically for someone ‘you care.’

  • How about getting a coffee in reverse?

Perhaps that colleague of yours brings you coffee and a bagel every other day. So, how to show someone you care within the professional domain? Pay back the coffee in return. You could add a cookie or two some days. Also, getting coffee for someone is one of the most professional things to do and would not grab too much of ‘unwanted attention.’

  • Be the first one to wish on his or her special day

Remembering the special dates and wishing them before anyone else is a great way to show your care and professionalism. In this way, you could make your colleague feel special and care for him or her without being too ‘over-the-top.’

  • Perhaps give a work suggestion

For the unversed about how to show someone you care – giving a work-related suggestion or advice is another way to show your care for the colleague. Not too bold, but surely a senior’s job well done.

  • Share your lunch

This is another way to show someone that you care. Sharing your lunch with the person you wish to shower your care on, or you can prepare some dish for them to repay their kindness.

how to show someone you care

  • Treat your colleague to a movie or a meal

Wish to say thanks to your colleague and wonder how to show someone you care – treat them to a meal or buy a ticket to a movie or concert. This format of thanking or showing gratitude is within the professional circle of good conduct and does not infringe on the other person’s privacy levels.

Make a move now

Well, that’s how to show someone you care – whether you are in a personal space or standing in a professional domain. Take some of the above-mentioned tips and try to implement them sometime in the future. Also, for more updates as this, keep visiting this website for more!