How To Wear A Scarf In Your Hair On A Bad Hair Day In 7 Ways?

When was the last time you tried tying your hair with a scarf on a bad hair day? Cannot recall? After all, you can barely manage your hair on a bad hair day, and scarfing it up is one of the last things that you might want to do. It’s time to break the myth! If you are here wondering how to wear a scarf in your hair when you have a bad hair day, we will give you 7 styles that you can try on your rough patchy hair. This article will precisely note down the steps for you and ensure that on the days that you are in no mood to wash your messy mane – you can still look gorgeous.

Let’s take a look –

How to wear a scarf in your hair on a bad hair day?

On those days when you do not wish to dress your tresses and yet style them in a unique manner (so that nobody finds out), here are some of the tricks that you can use. Checking them out –

  1. French braid your hair with a scarf

tie hair with a scarf
Image Credit: Cute Girls Hairstyles

For all those who think that you cannot French braid unwashed hair – here’s the much-needed check! This is how to wear a scarf in your hair when you wish to entangle it in your braid –

#Note – We would suggest you get either a square-shaped scarf or a general one since both work well when you are trying any of the aforementioned hairstyles.

What do you need?

. Haircomb

.Elastic bands

How to do this?

. You will have to begin by detangling your hair. Given that your mane is messy, you may use serum or dry shampoo (and if neither is available, then talcum powder) to help in the detangling process.

. Start doing the braid by picking hair from the right side of your head and dividing it into 3 sections. As you already know – you will have to overlap the left section into the centre and continue doing the same – right over the centre, left over the centre – overlapping the sections of the hair.

. When you reach the nape of your neck, go in for the usual braid, or leave a lump of your locks untied.

. Take the scarf and loop it around that part of the hair and tie it down with an elastic band.

. If your scarf feels loose, then knot it over to get a better look.

. Top knots are your ready-to-go alternatives

2. Here’s how to wear a scarf in your hair with a top knot –

top knot bun with scarf
Image Credit: Front Roe

On a bad-hair day, there’s nothing easier than a top-knot. When you tie a scarf to the same, the effect albeit is only enhanced!

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What do you need?

. Elastic bands

. Haircomb

How to do this?

. You can either detangle your hair and then pull it up in a bun. Else, you can simply tie up all your hair in a messy bun and secure it well with a band.

. Take the scarf and tie it to the base of the knot to cover the band. In case your hair looks too messy, you may very well hold up the loose top knot and tie the scarf around the base to secure it.

. Half knots are a great way

3. Half knot with a scarf

half knot with scarf
Image Credit: lulus

Just like a complete top knot – half knots are also a stylish way to manage your hairdo on a messy mane day!

What do you need?

. Elastic band

How to do this?

. Use your fingers to gather up some hair from the sides of your head or the back (in a lump-like manner) and create a half pony.

. Tie up this part of the hair into a half ponytail. Make sure to twist it into a bun before you go in for the half-pony look. Let the rest of the hair remain as it spreads around.

. Take the scarf and twist it at the base of the half knot in a manner that covers the elastic band completely.

. Pony up your hair with the scarf

4. Scarf with a ponytail

ponytail with scarf
Image Credit: lulus

When you do not understand anything, a high ponytail can always save your day! Here’s how to wear a scarf in your hair with a ponytail for the company –

What do you need?

. A straightening or curling iron

. Elastic bands

How to do this?

. Take the iron and curl your hair in loose waves (beware – unwashed hair may take a little longer to curl compared to the washed mane). With curls, you will get the much-needed volume in your hair.

. Once the curls have come through, just use your fingers to brush down your hair and create a low ponytail. Tie it down with a band.

. Make your scarf into a headband. Place its centre below the ponytail’s base and take its ends and pull it in opposite sides as if to wrap it around the pony’s base area.

. Switch them again and then go ahead and tie the knot to get the complete scarf-ponytail look.

. Go back to the vintage style

5. Scarf tied in a vintage style

vintage style scarf
Image Credit: lulus

How to wear a scarf in your hair if you have a party to attend and your hair is not at its best? No worries – with this style, you can be assured to rock the party in a vintage style with none wondering about your messy hair.

What do you need?

. Hair comb

. Elastic bands

How to do this?

. You will have to begin by putting up your hair in a messy bun and tying it up with a band.

. Then you have to roll your scarf like a headband and make it quite an inch and a half in width.

. Now put the scarf at the centre of your head and place it in a manner that the ends come forward. Once that is done – you will have to overlap the ends and twist them, making a loop on it at one end. Then fold the other end of the scarf in a way that it passes through the loop.

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. The ends of the scarf are left dangling. Pull them at the back of your head and then tie a knot to it. The ends of your scarf will remain loose – enhancing the style statement.

6. Retro twist to your hair and scarf

french twist with scarf
Image Credit: Mytrustedpicks Facebook

Retro style is back, and how! Encouraging the little Hollywood diva in you – this is one of the ways in which you may try to fold up your hair and style it in the 70s manner, even when your hair is not in its best condition.

What do you need?

. Dry-shampoo/Serum

. Hair-pins

. Comb

How to do this?

. Start by detangling your hair. If it is too fussy, with little or no respite – in that case, you may either try detangling it with a little serum or dry shampoo.

. You will have to create a pouffe now. Take some hair from the front and take it to the crown and pin it to create the pouffe.

. Gather the rest of the hair at the back of your head. Now you will have to roll the hair inward towards your head in a French twist format.

. Use the bobby pins to tuck in the hair. If one or two strands are hanging down, use this to pin it inside.

. Once your hair is completely pinned up in a French twist style, take your square-shaped scarf and tie it around your hair in a single or double knot just below the bun. If needed – you may use 2 pins to set the scarf in place.

7. Just don’t grow up

minnie mouse style hair
Image Credit: Pinterest

Take a hypothetical day when you neither have the time to wash your locks nor have the energy to tie them in any style – how to wear a scarf in your hair on those kinds of days? Here are the tricks –

What do you need?

. Hairbrush

. Blow-dryer

. Serum

How to do this?

. Start by blow-drying your hair and then brush it well. The primary aim is to detangle your hair. You may use a little bit of serum.

. Before setting your hair properly, flip it forward to fluff your hair up. The idea is to ensure that the front portion of your hair looks pulled up.

. Take the square-shaped scarf and roll it like a band. Flip your hair again and put the scarf’s centre area at your neck’s nape region.

. Flip back your hair, take the ends of the scarf and tie the sides of it in a knot at the top of your hair. You will have to tie it in a manner to ensure that the sides of this scarf stick out from the knot. This will give the perfect Minnie Mouse kind of cartoonish effect. Let the rest of the hair loose and fluffy, as it were!

Who said you can’t be a little childish? 

Locking things up

Now that you know how to wear a scarf in your hair – if you have some tricks and tips up your sleeve, do share them with us. We would suggest you either use cotton or satin scarves to tie your hair since these will lead to low hair breakage. Please wear colour! Either go in for bright shades. Also, take care of your hair, and make it a point to oil it with castor, almond or coconut oil thrice a week and use a paraben and sulphate-free organic shampoo for greater shine. Keep visiting this page for more!