5 Cute Ways To Tie A Shirt That You Cannot Miss Out On!

The summers are here!! The New York streets are burning under the raging sun, and the boots and scarves are back in the wardrobe. It is time for the shirts to make an entry! They have been stuck at the back of your wardrobe for a considerable period, and it is high time to pick out the choicest of hues. Are you wondering how to tie it in a stylish way? No worries! Here are some cute ways to tie a shirt that you can try this summer. Pair them up with chunky earrings and harem pants – and see the street look back at you! 

Without wasting any further time – 

What are some cute ways to tie a shirt for summer? 

In this section, you will get to see some of the cutest possible ways to knot your shirt. Here’s for you to pick – 

1. Let’s start with the classic front knot 

front knot
Image Credit: Getty Images/Cosmopolitan

You can never stop looking cutesy with this. All you have to do is – leave the upper part of your shirt unbuttoned and twist the lower loose ends of the shirt in a singular knot – and you are done for the day. 

Is that all? Not really! There are multiple ways to style this knot and step up your game. 

If you are wearing a T-shirt – 

. Tighten the fabric of your tee and accumulate a maximum portion of the shirt under your waist level or chest level (as per choice). Create a ponytail out of it. 

. From this ponytail, create a loop-like structure and then thread the tip within it. 

. You will automatically get a knotted look when you tighten this knot and straighten the T-shirt. 

. Have you tried tying a shirt with a bandeau top? This section will give you an idea – 

. You will have to start by putting on the bandeau top. On top of that, put on your shirt. 

. In a normal manner, you will have to tie the ends of the shirt. But ensure that you do it loosely. 

. Take the tied area and put it under the top. Now take it out from above and let the knotted part hang down. 

. From there, you will have to tighten the knot and straighten the shirt. 

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#Stud-like earrings and open hair go best with this look. Opt for mid-waist jeans to amp up the cute game. 

2. A back-knot is so cutesy! 

back knot
Image Credit: Getty Images/ Cosmopolitan

Too tired of the front knots? Want something a little cuter? One of the cute ways to tie a shirt is to opt for a back knot on a flannel shirt or a regular one (sporting a transparent strapless bra!) to inch your game up.  

. Wear the shirt backwards so that the buttons are placed at the back. Leave them unbuttoned. 

. Take the loose ends and tie them down at your waist level or even below. Go in for a single knot. 

. Once you have tied the single knot, you will have to close some of the buttons (2-3 buttons maximum). Avant-garde look!! 

#A high bun with normal waist jeans or even flannel trousers would go well. Add a pair of clung-ear-type earrings. Get a tote with a steel chain, and you are ready to go!  

3. Who stops you from showing some skin? 

how to tie a knot
Image Credit: Getty Images/ Cosmopolitan

You are looking for a handful of cute ways to tie a shirt, but that doesn’t mean you cannot show some skin. This super cropped front knot is best worn with a strapless bra, but you may try it out with a longline bralette as well! 

. You will have to take a part of your shirt and knot it at the back (just like what you do in case of a back knot). This time it will be higher. 

. Now take up the fabric that is dangling on your front portion and tie the knot higher than the backside. 

. Ensure that the front and back knots are not in symmetry. Also, the front knot has to be as high as feasible – allowing your navel to show completely. 

#To up your game – try low-waist jeans and a sleek neckpiece with it. A chunky pair of earrings with a top knot is a great way to complete the look. 

4. Tuck it in front with a knot 

tuck in knot
Image Credit: Getty Images/ Cosmopolitan

This is not just knotting but going a step ahead and tucking! If you are looking for a cross between a knot and tuck yet want to let the shirt loose, then you may very well try this alternative. 

. You will have to start with a front knot but a rather loose one. Take the ends of the fabric and pull it to the front. The placement must be to one end. 

. Ball up the fabric in one end and give it a twist with your fingers. Again, you will have to keep it loose. There should be enough fabric available for you to leave out the loose ends of the shirt. 

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. Tuck in the knotted portion of the shirt and leave out the loose ends. Now wrap the loose ends in a way so that it gives the impression of a tucked-in shirt. 

#This look goes perfectly well with denim, denim shorts, and short skirts. A pinned hair, threader earrings and a bare neck will set you apart from others

5. What if you have to knot a fitted T-shirt? 

knot a fitted tshirt
Image Credit: UpStyleDaily

You might be looking out for cute ways to tie a shirt – but if you are wearing a fitted one, then you might find it a little tough. No worries! We will show you how – 

. Already the usable fabric is little. Gather as much as possible on one side and twist it in a way to create a ‘rope-like’ look. 

. You will then have to fold the rope of this fabric in half. Take a rubber band and wrap it over this rope-like fabric twice to knot it well. 

. From the end of the loop, you will have to adjust the fabric in a way that it covers the band completely. 

#Either opt for hoops or studs and try this style with figure-hugging jeans or a slit midi/mini-skirt. Leave your hair open, or go in for a French braid

What to remember about knotting your shirt? 

As cute as you may look by tying your shirt in the choicest manner, you must note these points down – 

. Try to pick a baggier shirt to ensure maximum leverage for knotting it the way you like. The fitter the shirt – the less cloth for tying.

. If you are too bored of styling the same shirt, you can always draw a temporary stencil sketch on it.

. Do not leave the knot on your shirt for more than a day since that could permanently stretch the material.

. Always de-knot your shirt before putting it into the washing machine. If not, you could permanently ruin your shirt. 

Wrapping up

Whether it’s a lackadaisical day at the office or you have a class to attend – a knotted shirt always adds a ‘feel-good’ touch to your regular wear. Pair it up with high-waist jeans, skirts or harem pants, and assuredly you will be the cynosure of every eye. If you are impressed with some of the cute ways to tie a shirt mentioned here, then do let us know in the comments section. Do you have some tricks up your sleeve? Share them with us, and keep following Contour Cafe for more updates like this.