How To Apply Blush On A Round Face In 5 Ways?

You must already know that a blush touch can contour your jawline and instantly make you look radiant. However, how you apply this blush speaks a lot about how it will reflect on your skin. Unlike many other facial types, a round face is the trickiest. A blush on a round face will double up as a contour if done correctly. So, what is the trick? How to apply blush on a round face so that it looks as radiant as ever?

This article will clear all your doubts. You will get an idea of how to ideally apply the brush, a few basics about choosing the right kind of blush, and an insight about which type of blush will look perfect on you. Here’s getting the details –

How to apply blush on a round face?

If this is your first time – then roughly speaking, you have to use the blush in an angular motion and emphasize the bone structure of your face. Therefore – categorically start by blending the blush from the apple of your cheeks and take it up to the temples. As a final tip – you will have to use two stripes to complete the blending process.

This is just a basic idea of using blush on a round face. Now, let’s get to the steps that you will have to follow to ensure a perfect blushed-up radiant face.

Step 1 –

blush 1
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You will have to start by finding the smallest area between your hairline and eyebrows – and then dab the blush on it. In this way, you will automatically get a sleek look that you will have to take forward.

Step 2 –

blush 2
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Now you will have to take the blush into your cheek area. Suck up your cheeks and follow the contour along the apples of your cheek. Take up your brush and swipe the apples of the cheek two-three times. Start from near the mouth and move towards the ear, leaving half an inch from there.

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Step 3 –

blush 3
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With us till here? In the next step, you will have to concentrate not just on the apples of your cheek but also sharpen your nose. For this – use your blush brush along the nose in one straight swipe. Follow the same procedure for the other side of the nose as well. Just ensure that you do not use the blush on the nose bone.

Step 4 –

blush 5
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Before you get to learn how to apply blush on a round face, you must understand that it is the chin area that makes your face round. Hence, if you wish to reduce the ‘roundness’ of your face with the blush and make it more chiseled – then concentrate on the sides of the chin. Just one stroke of blush is good enough!

Do not overdo it since that will lead to blotchiness. In fact, experts suggest that whatever blush powder is left on the brush after the temple and chin area – use that only.

Step 5 –

blush 4
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The basic contouring is done. For the last set-up – swipe one last time near your ears and blend it towards your cheek outwards.

#All set? Before you move on to check other things, here’s one last tip. If you are too tired of the usual blushed cheeks and want a rosy touch to it – then choose a lighter blush than the one you are already wearing and put a round swipe of this lighter blush on your face. In this way – you will have a rosy flush on your cheeks. 

In case you have a slightly oval face – put this blush on your cheekbones rather than the apples of your cheek.

What to remember before picking up a blush?

Knowing how to apply blush on a round face is not enough. There are certain things you will have to remember before picking up that ‘perfect’ blush.

  • Do not choose a blush that is shimmery. Since it will shimmer in the light, therefore your cheeks will look rounder. For safer options, stick to the matte format.
  • Test which blushes suits your skin tone more before you opt for one. In case you have a tanned complexion, it is safer to stick to peach and rose shades.
  • When in doubt about how to proceed while applying the blush – always coat your face with a moisturizer. Especially if you have used a powder-based foundation, then a tinted moisturizer over it is a must to derive maximum benefit from the blush. Powder-based blush is best in this case. However, if you are using a cream blush, then you can always apply it on a powdered compact base. This prevents the blotchiness on your face.
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Key factors to remember before trying it on

Before you pick up any blush, you must remember certain factors. For starters – the placement of the blush on a round face is the key to success. Do you want your face to appear more chiseled and angular? Then you must apply the blush comparatively lower than the apple of your cheeks and then move upwards towards your headline.

Secondly, always blend your blush upwards towards the hairline to attain a lifted facial expression. While doing the same, you will have to simultaneously blend it outwards to ensure a more natural look.

It is best to follow these tactics if you wish to ensure that your blush brings the perfect radiant glow to your face.

Final words

Do you now have a clearer understanding about how to apply blush on a round face? Follow this article well, and pick up the key points before switching tabs to check out the price list of the available powder and cream blushes. If you found this article helpful, then share it with your friends and keep browsing this website for more updates like this!