An Expert Style Guide To The Fall Outfits For Men Trending In 2023!

With the sweltering summers making way for the rains to pour down, the fall will be the next to land. The street style is heating up, and the designers are already looking into curating ideal fall outfits for men that will prep them to deal with this tricky season. While the mornings start out as dull, the afternoon gets warmer. Suddenly there’s a nip in the temperature, and the next thing you know – is cancelling plans because the night becomes oddly chilly.

So, how will you layer your clothes during this transitional season? Also, is it the flannel shirt that your wear for your office day and keep the parks for the evening or vice versa? Let’s check out what experts have to say –

Fall outfits for men curated by experts

fall outfit for men
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When you are looking for fall outfits for the masculine gender, at times, you may feel the range to be limited. After all, it’s a common joke that gives a man a pair of T-shirt and trousers, and he could make it to every occasion. However, there’s a chance to expand the same –

   1. The semi-casuals when the fall starts

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With October just setting in – you can always pick up a light overcoat-type jacket and pack it up with a pair of blue denim, a thematic tie, and a casual flannel shirt. A pair of brown formal shoes may work well with this look.

  2. Setting up the office-going look

office going
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One of the toughest fall outfits for men to choose is which one to wear to your office. Keeping the colour scheme restricted to black, forest greens, grey, or navy – you could go in for a formal shirt, V-neck cardigan, formal pants or jeans (shirt tucked in), and knitted cap with suede shoes.

If not this, then the other available option before you, include – a dark-monotone turtleneck, with trousers, a plaid jacket, and a pair of dress shoes.

What if you have a business meeting to attend? Well, a pair of checks with a suit and a parka over it can technically keep you in style for the upcoming fall.

  3. What if he is the outdoor guy?

bomber jacket with sweater
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If you are looking for a fall wardrobe for a man who likes to hang out casually, a sweater padded over with a bomber jacket and then a pair of embellished jeans to go with is the perfect set-up for the casual walk down with friends. A pair of sneakers or loafers can set the rest of the outfit.

  4. Smart casuals always work

smart casual
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One of the most opted fall outfits for men is a pair of smart casuals. What you need is a pair of corduroy pants (chino pants could do as well) paired with a button-down shirt and a collared cardigan. To add class to the look, you may add a peacoat to this look. Either go in for blucher-style men’s boots or a pair of loafers with ankle-length socks.

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  5. Picking out an outfit for the date

casual date wear
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Are you gearing up for your first date in early October? In that case – you have a couple of options to check out. A pair of casual check shirts tucked in slim-fitted dark wash denim with chukka boots and a shawl cardigan for company. Double layering looks perfect for this set-up.

The other alternative that you can check out is – a button-down shirt with dark-wash denim is the perfect go-to option. To ace the layering, you could opt for a crew neck sweater and a pair of leather jackets atop that. Complete this look with cap-toe laced boots and rest assured your style game will be on point.

  6. Going in for something edgy

button down shirt with cargo pants
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Are you a risk taker? Then let us reveal to you an edgy look. A pair of button-down shirts tucked inside army-printed cargo pants with a popped collar jacket. Add on a pair of high-ankle boots and gunmetal aviators, and you will see how you stand out in the list of fashionable men welcoming the fall!

  7. Outfit for the plus-size man

plus size man fall outfit
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You could pick up any of these fall outfits for men to stand up to the fashion demands of the occasion. If you are looking to mix and match, you can always pick up one attire from the semi-casual section and pair it with a date night outfit to go in for a sudden plan to meet at the bar!

What are the must-haves in your wardrobe?

You have an idea of the fall outfits for men that could suit every occasion. It is now time that you check out the ‘must-haves’ in your wardrobe for this fall season. The attires being –

  . A range of shirts 

chambray shirt
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When stacking up your set of T-shirts for the upcoming fall season – the options that you must have in your wardrobe are – flannel T-shirts, Henley T-shirts, Chambray shirts, large checks or floral prints, and button-me-down shirts. They can be paired with either hoodies or jackets and even cardigans – as and when the occasion demands.

  . Jackets are a must! 

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Gone are the days when jackets were restricted only for the tough winters. However, even in the fall, you can have options like – leather jackets, quilted jackets, lightweight down jackets, denim jackets, trucker jackets, and varsity jackets to opt from. You can either wear it up on your denim or keep one aside to pad up your office look.

  . Never leave your turtleneck behind 

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With turtlenecks, you can swish through every season! In the case of fall outfits, it may add to both your casual and formal workwear and suits well both with dress pants or with sneakers and jeans combo.

  . Collared cardigans 

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Who wouldn’t like patterned and mute-shaded collard cardigans in their wardrobe, especially when one has to face sudden nips in temperature? Whether you go in for a collared one or choose an oversized one with dropped shoulders, assuredly, their oversized silhouette in grey or navy is a must in your listicle of fall outfits for men.

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  . Parkas should make it to your wardrobe 

parkas for men
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Lastly, parkas have to make their way to your cupboard. You will have to include fur-lined and fishtail parkas in your clothes stack. Being lightweight, they not only make for a fantastic statement piece but also work as a cover when you face sudden autumnal showers.

Some key style points to remember

When you are planning to style a set of fall outfits for men, there are a couple of pointers you need to keep in mind –

  . You need to get the layering correct 

When it comes to layering, most men prefer to wear a single thick coat rather than multiple layers of thin clothes. Change this immediately. Fall is the time to showcase your style game, and hence to make your outfit visually appealing, you could use – long-sleeved T-shirts, Henleys, Polo shirts, waistcoats, Button-down shirts, cardigans, and sweaters to layer up (albeit not together in a single outfit).

  . There’s a wide color palette for the fall 

When it comes to choosing colours for fall outfits for men – men seem to go in for the usual black, blue, and brown. This fall, it is time to ditch the boring and look for some earthy tones, especially muted shades. The alternatives for you to choose from are – burgundy, beige, olive greens, burnt orange, and gold. In fact, if you are wearing two-three shades together, this will automatically create a pattern.

  . Trade cotton for wool and knitwear 

This is the time of the year when you must wear more textured fabrics and knitwear, ditching cotton. If you have issues about wearing too much wool, go in for lightweight wool and stouter weaves rather than the usual patterns. Also, while you concentrate on layering, it is crucial that you go in for smooth and thin knits compared to baggy ones.

  . Time to bring out your boots 

When done with the dresses, it is time to turn your attention to the shoes. Sturdy boots are an immediate choice when you are looking to embrace the fall. High-ankled boots paired with higher socks make for a perfect fall outfit. Regarding the colours, you may opt for dark tones and go in for synthetic blends.

If you are not at all a boots guy, you may switch to loafers with paired-down socks.

Ensure you opt for fall outfits noting these factors so that your wardrobe does not look as dull as the season itself.

Final Thoughts

October may be dull, but your shirts and pieces of denim need not be. It is time you add pops of hues to your wardrobe and enjoys the especially ‘gloomy’ nature as it sheds its coat, waiting to embrace the fierce winters. Till we bring you a list of winter outfit ideas for the season, keep looking through the available fall outfits for men and browsing this website for more.