8 Stylish Ways To Style Knotless Braids You Cannot Miss!  

Knotless braids are trending right now!! This effortless, chic style – shields your scalp and tresses from excess stress without removing the ‘flair quotient.’ It’s no longer just a college-going hairstyle; rather, Beyonce and Gabrielle Union have taken it to the red carpet. Whether you wish to amp your look or draw it down, here are a couple of ways to style knotless braids that suit all occasions! 

As you scroll down this content, you will also get an idea about – ways to care for these braids and answers to some quick questions. Here are they for you –

8 Ways to style knotless braids 

In this section, let us help you scout some ways to pep up those knotless braids – 

Style 1 – Ever thought of curly ends to your braids? 

ways to style knotless braids 1
Image Credit: @braids_by_nayee

Want to stand out amidst the beauties you are associating with? Put a curly end to your knotless braids! Take these braids individually and curl their lower end with hair rollers and hot water. Either let your hair down and leave the curls to show, or tie your braids into a high ponytail with curly ends and a pair of danglers! 

Style 2 – A Side-swept low ponytail is a great idea! 

side ponytail for knotless braids
Image Credit: @Beautybylau

If you are looking for appealing ways to style knotless braids that suit formal and college-chic looks, then there’s nothing better than a side-swept ponytail! We will tell you how to ace it – 

You must pull all your knotless braids to one side and secure them tightly at the nape of your neck with a hair tie. Then, conceal a small section of the braids around the hair tie. Assuredly, you will have some loose braids. Secure them back with bobby pins! Your side-swept low ponytail is ready! 

If you are in the mood to experiment with your looks, go in for a side-swept fishtail braid by pulling your braids together. 

Style 3 – Bun it up – high! 

top knot bun for knotless braids
Image Credit: Google

There’s nothing better than a bun – whether a tough day or a stylish day! Hence, it is time to show you ways to style knotless braids in a bun. Start with lifting your braids in a high ponytail and set it up with a sleek hairband. Enclose the same with the hairband and put the ends into the bun. 

If a normal bun is not your style, then you can go in for double buns. Just part your braids from the middle and then continue with the usual format. 

Apart from that, you can also opt for – a twisted bun as well! For this, you will have to pull up your braids into a high ponytail. Once that is done, you will have to twist the specific portions of braids around the ponytail itself. You must twist it two to three times to get the perfect twisted look. 

Style 4 – How about adding beads to your knotless braids? 

ways to style knotless braids 2 webp
Image Credit: @stylishhairandcutz

What if you have a formal occasion to attend or maybe a festive get-together? How would you dress your knotless braids for it? Bead them. Here are some of the ways to style knotless braidswith beads –  

The market has a wide variety of beads, and you can choose any of the types. However, the tic tac beads are the most popular and easy to hang. Take the ends of your hair strands and put up the beads. If you wish to have a monotonous look, you can choose beads of the same type. If not, you can opt for contrasting shades. Apart from that, you can also put the beads in the middle of your braids (you need bigger beads for it) and then pair it up with 2 other shades of beads – one at the top and another at the end of your hair strand. Get vibrant shaded beads for a vibrant look!

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Style 5 – Bantu knots are raging now! 

Image Credit: Jasmine Chola

Have you heard of tying bantu knots with knotless braids? If not, let us introduce you to this style now! One of the quirky ways to style knotless braids is by tying bantu knots, wherein you will have to divide your hair into multiple sections (middle, side, and corner partings). Take the sets of hair in each section and either plait or twist them and wrap them around that plaited hair to create a bun. 

Style 6 – What if you have a bow tie on your head? 

how to style knotless braid
Image Credit: @boxbraids

Another style that is raging the market is – creating a bow tie with your knotless braids. Let us give you an idea of the same – 

Take a section of the upper part of your hair and create a top knot. Then, divide that top knot with your hand and leave a substantial amount of hair on either side. Now, take the leftover inch from the tip of your ponytail and pull it towards the central portion of the top knot to tie it around the bottom of the ponytail. Use pins and insert all the hair into the base of your ponytail. Your bow tie is ready! 

Style 7 – Half twist bun is a great idea 

ways to style knotless braid
Image Credit: therealbraidvixen

For those who wish to explore their funky side, this half-n-half is one of the best ways to style knotless braids! Perfectly fitting every face structure, here you can let your hair down yet tie it up for a racy day ahead! 

One of the most appealing styles, for this, you will have to divide your hair into two segments – the upper and the lower. Then, as you allow the lower section to flow in general, tie up the upper section in a bun-like structure. Tie double knots to enhance the look. In case you wish to make things a little more prominent, ensure that your bun is on the crest of your head for an enhanced look! 

Style 8 – A variety of styles by keeping your hair open 

ways to style knotless braids 3
Image Credit: @eiffelsupremestyles

If you have checked out all these styles and have picked some up for specific occasions, then here, before we tell you how to take care of them, is the last set of styles. You wouldn’t believe, but you can keep your knotted hair open and yet style it in a variety of ways! Here’s how – 

. The middle parting and the side parting go a long way to style knotless braids! This is a timeless style that is perfect for every facial structure and is suitable for every occasion. Depending on whether you are trying out the side parting or the middle one, take a segment of your hair and throw it on the other side seamlessly – to create a flow! 

scarf style of knotless braids
Image Credit: @braidshairstyles

. What if you are having an awful hair day, and not even the best knotless braids can save you? What to do then? Scarf it up! First go in for a middle parting of your hair, since that is most suitable. After that, you can tie up the scarf quite like a turban and pair your look with any dress – casual or formal! 

headband image of knotless braids
Image Credit: @adoraboutique

. Want to keep your tresses open and match up the style quotient? Here’s your way out! Get a classy, attractive headband! Just let your knotty hair fall loose, and then put a hairband to fix it back! It will not only hold back your hair but also ensure you have a fantastic style to sport this season! 

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How to care for your knotless braids? 

how to wash knotless braids
Image Credit: Jackie Williams

Assuming you have read this article well and figured out some cool ways to style knotless braids. But before you rush back to style it your way, there’s something you are missing out on – that is caring for knotless braids. They might be the easiest way to set your hair, but you must keep it hydrated and clean to avoid any untoward scalp issues. 

In this section, you will get an idea of how to keep your scalp clean – 

. Though you must keep your scalp dry, an occasional spraying of dry shampoo is always a great option. However, it would help if you hydrated the roots occasionally. Hence, include a couple of scalp hydrating products into your haircare regimen – from hydrating oils to serums. 

. The next thing you must do is – get a sulfate and paraben-free organic shampoo with a tapered nozzle. This will enable you to apply the shampoo directly on your scalp. Then, lather it on your scalp and allow the rest of the shampoo to coat your remaining hair. After you are done cleansing your scalp, wash it and apply a hydrating conditioner to the mid-lengths of your hair. This will ensure the smoothness of your hair remains. 

. While sleeping at night, wrap a scarf around your hairline to ensure that your knots remain fine at the edges. Along with that, place your hair’s length into a jumbo bonnet so that the braids do not fall onto your face. 

. Lastly, make a specific washing schedule for your hair. Twice a week is the standard practice. Apart from that, after a wash, do not let your hair remain damp. Either use a blow dryer or sit under a hooded dryer to ensure your scalp is completely dry.  

These are a handful of ways by which you can protect your knotless braid in the long run!

Final words 

For those who are looking for a hairstyle that is not just long-lasting and stylish but also protects your hair in the long run – a knotless braid is the ultimate choice. Given that there are multiple ways to style knotless braids, as we have mentioned above, you may pick one that suits your needs. At the same time, take care of your braids to have locks that are as healthy as ever! 

If you liked this article and wish to try out some of the styles, do the same and leave your comments below. Also, share this post with your fashion-lover friend, and keep visiting this space for more! 


1. How long do knotless braids last? 

Once you are done knowing the ways to style knotless braids you will surely want to know – how long they last. Anecdotal reference states that these braids can even last up to 2-3 months, but it will depend on the – porosity and texture of your hair. Also, the larger the knotless braid, the longer it will last. 

2. How do you keep them from smelling? 

To ensure that your braids last longer and that too fresh, twice a week, you must wash your scalp. Soak the braids in water for some time before shampooing. Use a leave-in-conditioner to lock the moisture within. After that, use products like an edge control cream and a mousse to maintain the style. 

3. Can they damage your hair? 

Extending this style over the period that it is supposed to could create issues – from alopecia to hair thinning. However, when you take proper care of the same, this should not be a problem. 

4. Do they support hair growth? 

 As per specific sources, knotless braids do support hair growth as they are not right at the scalp. 

5. How to sleep with knotless braids? 

If you are going to bed with knotless braids, then ensure that you cover it with a satin scarf. You can also use a silk pillowcase while sleeping to prevent the constant friction. 


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