3 Two Braids Hairstyles You Cannot Miss Out This Season!

Are you tired of the usual braids? Have you ever thought of trying out the two braids hairstyles? Scared? What if it doesn’t look as stylish as in the pictures? No worries!! By the time you finish reading this post, you will get an idea of how to tie those braids ideally so that they never look out of place and you are picture-perfect as always! 

Here are the styles you can try out – 

Top two braids hairstyles for a trendy look 

Here are some of the trendiest styles you cannot miss – 

Style 1. Double Dutch braids with curls 

double dutch braids with curls
Image Credit: Secretly Sensational

Quite contrary to the name, the Dutch braid did not originate in the Netherlands itself. Rather, it was brought down by the South African migrants who brought it to the land of the Dutch people! History aside, this is one of the most stunning hairstyles that you could vouch for – from festive occasions to regular college classes. 

We’ll show you how to go ahead with this style – 

What do you need? 

. Elastic bands 

. Bobby pins

. Hairspray with medium hold (one that suits your hair) 

. A rattail comb/thin-toothed comb 

How to do it?  

Though it is one of the most opted two braids hairstyles that’s making waves currently, not everyone can do it as stylishly. Once you read this, you’ll never do it wrong – 

Steps – 

1. Part your hair normally as you do it (either the side or middle parting – the choice is yours). Use hairspray and then comb the hair to make it tangle-free.

2. Now, go down towards the back of your head and create a zigzag pattern. After that, you must tie the rest of the hair on the right side. 

3. Take some part of the hair that is on the left side and divide it (almost equally) into three sections. 

4. All set? Now, the actual braiding starts. You have to cross the right strand of hair under the middle and then go on to cross the left strand. Then again – you have to combine the right and middle strands together. 

5. With us till here? Then, you have to pick up a small section of hair from the right side and then put it under the left side. Then, pick up another section of the hair and put it under the left side. 

6. You will have to follow the same pattern now, the only change being to pick up a section of hair from the left side and put it under the right side. Continue repeating it and ensure that hair from one side of the hair is braided in the Dutch style. 

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7. Then, follow this exact process for the other side of the hair. Tie the ends off with an elastic band. Once the braids are formed, you can increase the volume by pulling at the braids. 

8. To secure it a little more, use the hairspray and bobby pins at the end of the braids. 

Style 2. Double French Fishtail braids 

Image Credit: Hairstyle Camp

Whenever you are talking of different types of two braids hairstyles – the French Fishtail braids take the top spot! One of the most stylish braids, they are perfect if you are looking forward to a casual outing or an evening date. 

What do you need? 

. Thin-toothed comb/rattail comb

. Hairbrush 

. Hairspray

. Elastic bands, pins 

. You may use gel/mousse – as per your comfort 

How to do it?  

Here’s how to do it correctly – 

Steps – 

1. Start by applying the chosen hairspray and detangling your hair by brushing through it. Once that is done, use the gel/mousse to smoothen your hair.

2. Take the comb and part your hair from the middle into two equal halves. After that, concentrate particularly on two strands, one being closest to your middle part and another strand from the bottom part. 

3. Take the strand from the bottom and cross it over from the strand from the top. Take another strand of hair from the bottom part and cross it over to add it to the top portion. 

4. Again, go ahead and pick up a little part of the hair and add it to the new hair. Then, cross these new strands of hair over to the bottom part. Take a little hair from the bottom and add it to that new hair. 

5. Again, cross the new hair over and add it to the strands at the top. 

6. With us till here? Keep repeating the process – take a strand from the bottom, cross it over, and add it at the top. Take some hair from the top, cross it over, and add at the bottom. 

7. Keep doing it till the end with one side of your hair. Then follow the same with another side of your hair. 

8. Tie the elastic bands at the very end of your hair. You may use bobby pins below the braids to tighten them. 

Your fishtail braids are ready! If you are in the mood, you can leave some hair down and either tie it up into a bun or make a ponytail out of it. 

Style 3. Corset braids 

corset braids
Image Credit: Dave Kotinsky/ Getty Images

For everyone who thought corsets were only a piece of cloth that decked the 16th century women – here’s info for you! The New York Spring Summer Fashion Week 2024 pre-collection showcased this onto your hair! Alternatively known as ballet hairstyle, this is one of those two braids hairstyles that’s making waves – from fashion runways to evening parties. Let’s share with you the right way to deck it! 

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What do you need? 

. Hairbrush

. Thin-toothed comb 

. Any chosen hairstyling product 

How to do it?  

There are multiple styles that you can try in corsets – from the half-up corsets to the messy corset braids. However, in this section, we will show you how to do the two-braid format. 

Steps – 

1. Brush your hair thoroughly to detangle it completely. You may use the chosen hair product (spray/gel) to set your hair and better its texture. 

2. After you have brushed your hair, take the comb and create a parting in the middle. In this way, you will have two equal sections of your hair. Start the braiding process from one side of your hair. 

3. Say, you take the right side of your hair. Take some hair from the front part of that side and divide it into three sections equally. 

4. To braid it ideally, criss-cross the strands of hair. Start by putting the right-side strands over the middle strands and then put the left-hand strands over the middle one. Keep doing it, and when you have reached the tips of your hair, use the elastic band to secure it. 

5. Now go to the left section of your hair, take up three strands of hair from the front part, and follow the above-mentioned process correctly. Secure it with elastic bands. 

6. In this way, you have to create another two sets of braids on either die of the hair. Once that is done – take the braids from the opposite parts of your head and put one over the other in a criss-cross manner, like a corset. 

7. Do you have the bobby pins ready? Tie the ends of the strands with the bobby pins and pull the hair a little to loosen it. That will help you achieve a voluminous appearance. 

8. If you wish, you may add a couple of hair danglers or little pins to elevate the corset look! 

Parting thoughts 

Assuming you have read this article well, you now have a better idea of the two braids hairstyles that you may try out this season with various looks. Ensure you have the correct attire and some fashionable earrings to go with the look. If you liked this post and would love to check out some more or have a style or two to add, do leave your comments below. For more exciting updates on fashion – keep watching this space.