10 most expensive clothing brands that Rock the Ramps!

Whether you are a fan of haute couture or not, there’s no denying that you love those sleek suits from Armani, the Balenciaga sneakers, and the classy bags from Gucci! In this post, we will explore the most expensive clothing brands – from customized pieces to high-end names and give you the reasons for these commanding such rates! 

Are you ready to explore the fashion world beyond the glam pieces you see in front? Let us embark on this fun-filled fashion adventure – 

Which are the most expensive clothing brands? 

The list goes as – 

1. Chanel 

chanel most expensive clothing brand
Image Credit: Vogue

Founder: Coco Chanel and Pierre Wertheimer 

Founded: 1910, Paris, France 

Headquarters: London, the UK

Talking of classic and expensive apparel, Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel, since the 1900s, has blended elegance with threads to create hypnotic pieces! Chanel was a revolutionary in the field of luxury fashion, as she pioneered the concept of ‘luxury’ with ‘comfort.’ Talk of the tweed jacket suit or the ‘little black dress’ – every clothing piece is as iconic and relevant as ever. 

Chanel brought forth the concept of intermingling masculine and feminine fashion senses and pioneered ladies’ sportswear. To date, this line brings in attires that surpass the chains of time. Marilyn Monroe to Lady Diana, the who’s who of the world has decked in Chanel. 

No wonder why Chanel is still rocking the fashion chart even decades later! 

2. Prada 

prada show
Image Credit: Vogue

Founder: Mario Prada 

Founded: 1913, Italy 

Headquarters: Milan, Italy 

Remember Meryl Streep trotting away in The Devil Wears Prada? Well, that’s the Italian icon that Prada is! Its minimalist style and quirky aesthetics initially took the Japanese market by storm. It was then that the brand evolved and became one of the most expensive clothing brands globally. Primarily famous for its leather handbags, its ready-to-wear has gained immense popularity – right from the ramps to the global ramparts! 

3. Gucci 

gucci most expensive clothing brand
Image Credit: Vogue

Founder: Guccio Gucci 

Founded: 1921, Florence, Italy 

Headquarters: Florence, Italy 

Though the brand is famous for its bags and eyewear, its range of accessories and clothing has taken the world for a ride! This Italian brand holds the vanguard of iconic fashion pieces, with its vintage aesthetics catching one and all’s eyes! Whether it is the GG logo or the famed Gucci stripe – the clothes exude an unmatched class! 

4. Burberry 

burberry spring collection
Image Credit: Vogue

Founder: Thomas Burberry 

Founded: 1856, Basingstoke, England 

Headquarters: London, the UK 

One of the oldest and most expensive clothing brands that have its specialty in trench coats (its focus was on outdoor attire), this England-based brand has expanded its boundaries ever since. From perfumes to cosmetics, every piece from this designer house is a statement in itself. 

For those who have just come in – the house’s ‘tartan’ pattern is one of the most recognized ones! Added to that, the checkered khadi and plaid jacket are its signature elements! 

5. Versace 

versace expensive couture
Image Credit: Vogue

Founder: Gianni Maria Versace 

Founded: 1978, Italy 

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Headquarters: Milan, Italy 

Are you categorically looking for audacious prints backed by vivacious shades? Versace is the name to check out! One of the sought-after and most expensive clothing brands globally – this label, with its sexy cuts and high-tech clothing pieces, has taken the world by storm! 

One of the key players in the fashion game – Versace, was the pioneer in introducing the concept of ‘in-your-face’ branding. We have more than often seen models of the like of Naomi Campbell strut down the ramp in Versace’s prime collections! One cannot forget about the rhinestone embroidered evening jacket “The Face” owned by Elizabeth Taylor, that was recently auctioned at Christie’s! 

6. Dolce & Gabbana 

dolce and gabbana expensive couture
Image Credit: Vogue

Founder: Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana 

Founded: 1985, Legnano, Italy

Headquarters: Milan, Italy 

Though recent to enter this list of most expensive clothing brands – Dolce & Gabbana has been categorically known for its range of floral designs and winter coats. Unlike the other brands that have been raging in the upscale fashion domain, this brand is known for its body-skimming silhouettes, ornate Baroque themes, and Catholic imagery embellished with golden threads. Its beacon has been well carried by one and all – from Madonna to Kylie Minogue. 

7. Dior 

Image Credit: Vogue India

Founder: Christian Dior

Founded: 1946, France 

Headquarters: Paris, France 

You probably know it for the iconic Lady Dior handbag – but do you know that it is the haute couture line that has a separate set of clothes for kids and men? Well, the Baby Dior and Dior Homme lines are truly worth reckoning. But the ‘critical’ factor that escalated Dior’s popularity beyond the streets of Paris, is the 1947 “New Look” collection for women. It cemented Dior’s global position as one of those brands that is ready to push the boundaries with its cutting-edge fashion style. With time, it has expanded into statement jewellery, home decor, perfumes, and makeup. 

8. Yves Saint Laurent 

yves saint laurent most expensive clothing brand
Image Credit: Vogue India

Founder: Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Berge 

Founded: 1962, Paris 

Headquarters: Paris, France 

France has been the paradise of fashion for an eternity. Hence, it is only natural that you will get the best of Parisian chic from that fashion space. Touted to be the pioneer of classic pieces like Le Smoking suit and pret-a-porter, this label, known as one of the most expensive clothing brands, has gone ahead to introduce female safari jackets and pantsuits to the world! 

Specializing in haute couture, its luxury line consists of – silk blouses, skintight pants, exquisite ready-to-wear apparel, all decked in premium fabric! 

9. Ralph Lauren 

ralph lauren most expensive clothing brands
Image Credit: Vogue

Founder: Ralph Lauren 

Founded: 1967, USA 

Headquarters: NYC, USA 

Today, he is the man who rocks every red carpet. But the journey has not been easy! From an army man to a salesperson to the first US-based designer to get British knighthood – Lauren is a man who launched his corporation with collar T-shirts! This fashion label is known for its classic pieces, Ivy League outfits, knit sweaters, and designer beachwear, all with a touch of ecstatic luxury. It is only natural that its name is on the list of most expensive clothing brands. 

10. Giorgio Armani 

giorgio armani spring collection 2023
Image Credit: Vogue

Founder: Giorgio Armani 

Founded: 1975, Italy 

Headquarters: Milan, Italy 

When you talk of suits or gowns, Armani is the first name to reckon with! From George Clooney to Selena Gomez, every celeb has decked in those fabrics. For the record, Armani Jeans have always been quite popular, and added to that list is – its range of reversible coats in cashmere and viscose, all of which seamlessly blend – upgraded quality with minimal aesthetics! 

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As one of the most expensive clothing brands it caters to the ‘creme-de-la-creme’ and yet has managed to deemphasize the notion of formality. Its red carpet-level jackets and fluid trousers are the ideal fashion picks for eco-conscious and ethical consumers. 

Now that you have checked out this list of the best clothing brands, the next probable query is – ‘why’ are these tagged at such high prices? Let us explore the reasons below. 

What are the key reasons for such high rates? 

Image Credit: Luxe Digital

The primary reasons that make these brands as ‘pricey’ as they are due to – 


Do you know that reports state – that over 90 million tonnes of textiles (the maximum of which are for brands) are discarded yearly? That is a mark for understanding how much ‘aesthetics’ matter for brands. Each cloth from these big-shot names are signature piece that has no clone. Also, the consistent quality, the packaging, and the ‘class effect’ that it brings is unparalleled! 

Quality of the materials 

Unlike regular clothing brands, these premium names opt for the best fabrics. Each strip of thread undergoes multiple quality checks. One minimal glitch can result in discarding the clothing. The brands source original materials from every possible corner of the world (which supplies authentic goods), which escalates the price as seen on the rate tag. 

Customized pieces 

A host of the pieces from these most expensive clothing brands are customized – created for a specific occasion. Hence, they are limited-edition and therefore make these more desirable over others. For the unversed, the Supreme brand (mostly supplies clothes for men) has mastered the art of limited supply, making it rank at the top! 

The heritage that they bring along 

Lastly, when you wear a brand name, it is a heritage that you are wearing. These are not names that have cropped up yesterday. Additionally, these brand names have made it a point to keep their quality consistent over the years. Their flawless look adds to the ‘value’ of the cloth piece, ensuring you look ‘perfect.’ Added to that are the ‘man hours’ invested in creating that cloth, which is included in the ‘price tag.’ 

Conclusive thoughts 

Assuming you have travelled well through this fashion adventure showcasing the most expensive clothing brands – one cannot deny the profound impact it has had on the fashion landscape. What’s most inspiring about these brands is that – they have created a trailblazing paradigm of what fabric looks artistically. Time and again, they have defied the set norms of fashion and redefined elegance. Each piece is reminiscent of the brand’s dedication to achieving perfection, its legacy, and finally, the meticulous attention that has been showered on it. Whether you are a buyer of haute couture or merely a spectator – the majestic tapestry of luxury fashion is stunning to the eyes! 

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