Regular consumption of red wine after dinner: a boon or a curse

It is a known fact that alcohol is not so much beneficial for health. That is why regular drinking of alcohol is discouraged in practice. But people who are always in search of an excuse to drink alcohol at least once a day we have brought a piece of good news for them.

The thing is, if other forms of alcohol are strictly barred from drinking, you can legitimate your point of view by bringing up the fact that daily consumption red wine in a moderate amount can benefit your health.

Yes! Fellas, if you can control yourself and keep your drinking habit only to a measured amount of red wine daily, your thirst for alcohol can be satiated without being suffered from the dreadful harms of consuming alcohol.

What is red wine?

So, to understand why among all the forms of alcohol why consuming red wine is proving as a beneficiary to health, first we need to understand what red wine is actually. To put it in simple terms, red wine is a type of wine that is made from the black coloured variety of grapes. How? The process is very simple.

Those black grapes are crushed and brewed to red wine. Though the name is ‘red’ wine, the intensity of the colour of red wine may vary depending on its type. If the colour is intense violet then it is called young wines. Mature wines are brick red coloured and older wines are brown.

As we have mentioned earlier, red wine is not devoid of alcohol. The amount of alcohol in red wine ranges from 12% to 15%. If you consume a single glass of red wine, that means you are consuming more or less 3.8 grams of carbohydrate and 125 calories.

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Benefits of consuming red wine daily:

Now we will dive into the main matter that you are waiting for; how drinking red wine daily can cater to our health. So, without further ado, let’s begin—

Makes your heart healthy:

The first thing that red wine does is to supply a lot of anti-oxidants into our body, which increases the amount of high-density lipoprotein resulting in the prevention of cholesterol build up in heart. Red wine also protects the blood vessels of your heart and helps in reducing the possibility of a blood clot. Thus, as a whole, the health of hearth is boosted.

Reduces cholesterol level:

As we age, cholesterol starts to build up in our bodies. Along with age, the overconsumption of trans fat is also responsible for cholesterol build up. Now as we have mentioned earlier red wine helps in the reduction of the cholesterol level and keeps us healthy.

Helps in fighting diabetes:

Studies have shown that people who consume red wine three to four times a week are less likely to develop diabetes. Why? Because it is assumed that polyphenols present in red wine cater to the reduction of blood sugar levels in your body.  So, in short, consuming red wine regularly helps in fighting diabetes.

Helps in fighting cancer:

Yes! Though it may sound strange, red wine can help in fighting cancer. How?  Well, the answer is, first of all, resveratrol present in red wine can destroy malignant cells and second of all it also protects other healthy normal cells from the adverse effects of radiation if the person is going under chemo.

Reduces the chances of obesity:

Obesity has now become a life-threating yet a very common disease. But the good news is that antioxidants that red wine contains can help in fighting obesity. Along with it, as we have mentioned earlier, red wine also contains resveratrol which converts white fat into brown fat by burning it out as heat and thus helps in boosting the metabolism.

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Helps in reducing stress:

Stress has become a life-threatening factor in our ultra-modern busy life schedule. So consuming red wine means again resveratrol is going into your body. It caters to the production of a type of protein that helps in repairing DNA; promotes longevity DNA. So, a glass of red wine after dinner and going right to bed to sleep is the best way to reduce stress in daily life.

Helps in improving bone density:

Now various studies have shown that resveratrol present in red wine can help in improving the bone density of your spinal cord. Suffering from the loss of bone density is an omnipresent problem for women. So, drinking a glass of red wine daily can protect their bone from decomposing calcium from it and strengthen it.

Makes your brain healthy:

The components present in wine have no particular taste. Yet when we consume red wine, it tricks our brain to create a sensation of taste or flavour. Now, this tricky thing is occurring in grey matter, making it healthier.

Induces sleep:

Today’s ultra-modern world demands a busy schedule from us and also pushes us in the path of stress. Stress and anxiety lead to insomnia or sleep apnoea or simple deprivation of sleep. So now as we have mentioned earlier that red wine reduces stress, thus it helps in inducing sleep better.

On the other hand, red wine is also rich in melatonin. It is a hormone that is produced by our brain that helps us to sleep. so, the melatonin enriched red wine increases melatonin in our blood and helps us to sleep.

Boost our immune system:

Again, studies have shown that if you consume a glass of wine daily then it helps your immune system to be strengthened. As we often suffer from cold and cough in the time of season change, one or two glasses of wine can entirely change the whole scenario and ward off those irritating cold and runny noses.

Makes your skin glow:

As red wine is rich in anti-oxidants and repair DNA it slows our aging process. Now, what does that mean? That means our age is generally reflected in our skin. Now as red wine slows the aging process that means it makes our skin younger and healthy.

So, guys, one or two glasses of wine every day after dinner can make you younger, healthier and brighter.