How To Roll Sushi Without Mat? Figuring Out The 2 Tricks!

The tangy finger delicacy from Japanese cuisine is comfort food – not just within the domestic domain but also throughout South-East Asia. Curated with a minimal number of ingredients, this delectable item is one for every occasion. Hence, if you decide to try this out at home, the only problem that you may face is while rolling the sushi. Surprisingly, it is an art that needs years of mastering, and if you are a newbie, that too without the rolling mat ‘makisu’ – it could spell a problem for you. Rather than deciding to give up, how about trying to figure out how to roll sushi without mat?

This article will give you some alternatives to use apart from the traditional bamboo mat for rolling sushi, detail how to prepare the sushi with the help of it and give you some pointers before you go out to buy the alternative product. Let’s get started then –

What are the alternatives to a sushi mat?

In case you do not have a mat to roll the sushi, you can always use a towel (a hand towel is the best) and a plastic wrap combo or parchment paper. It is only in case of unavailability of the above-mentioned products could you opt for waxed paper or aluminium foil. These work well temporarily in the absence of a bamboo mat.

How to roll sushi without mat?

Here are some tricks to rolling sushi without the mat –

Trick 1 – Let’s use plastic wrap and a hand towel combo

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Spread out the towel and put the plastic wrap on top of it in a manner that they are placed straight without any crumpling. You will need this for wrapping.

For the preparation of the sushi – you will require the filling (water, rice vinegar, sugar, and salt) along with nori sheets and your choicest filling (both vegetarian or non-vegetarian).

Now comes the rolling of the sushi –

Step 1 – Lay the towel flat on the table or any other hard surface. Place the plastic wrap over it. On top of that, you have to place the nori – that is, the seaweed wrap. Ensure that the towel and the plastic wrap that you will use are wider compared to the seaweed wrap.

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Step 2 – Once you have set the DIY mat, place the seaweed wrap over it, and put the sushi rice over the nori. You will first scoop out the rice, then use your wet fingers to spread the rice. Make sure that this rice is spread flat.

Step 3 – Put on the other fillings and spread them evenly with a spoon. Now, you will have to line the rice and fillings in a manner so that it leaves a gap of 1 inch from the edge of the nori. Automatically, there will be ample space from the edge of the plastic wrap that you have used – as you learn how to roll sushi without mat.

Step 4 – It’s time for the final rolling of the sushi. Roll over the plastic wrap that you have used with the towel in a manner so that the sushi gets compressed. It should become like a rice roll that you can hold straight. Ensure that this sushi is wrapped tightly (try to exert some pressure on the roll).

Step 5 – Once you find that the roll is set – open the wrap carefully. There are chances that if you did not press the sushi well, it would spread. For that, you will have to repeat the process again. If the roll is set, take a knife and cut it into 8-9 round pieces (or whatever the number of pieces). Enjoy!

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Trick 2 – Let’s use a parchment paper

Wondering how to roll sushi without mat with a parchment paper? After all, it’s mostly used for baking purposes. Here’s how to do the needful –

Step 1 – Cut out an adequate size of parchment paper – but make sure that the size is wider than the nori that you are using on it. When you place the nori, keep the bumpy side up for maximum benefit.

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Step 2 – Now put the rice on top of the seaweed paper. Spread it evenly (if required, use a spoon). On top of that, put the fillings. Then spread it evenly so that rolling the sushi becomes easier.

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Step 3 – Once the ingredients are set – raise the parchment paper slightly and roll the nori. Close the ends of this seaweed paper with wet fingertips. Ensure that it sticks well to prevent the fillings from coming out. Wrap it tightly.

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Step 4 – Start cutting the pieces of sushi. Roughly you can cut 6-8 pieces (or whatever the minimum amount).

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What to check before buying the parchment paper?

Though you have other options to choose from, the parchment paper is the most opted one. Having said that, before you pick up any kitchen parchment paper that comes in your hand, it is important to remember certain factors –

  • There are a range of parchment papers available in the market, from – standard sheets to organic one and silicone-coated bleached version. The standard one works well for wrapping and layering food, while the organic ones are eco-friendly. Having said that, silicone-coated ones are perfect for baking. For rolling sushi, you could either pick the standard one or opt for the bleached one.
  • Also, they are available in the roll-format or like sheets. Technically, we would suggest you pick the rolled one, but if it’s comfortable, you could also pick the sheet format.

When you have the correct parchment paper – you can roll out your sushi even without the mat.

Wrapping up

After all, it is the basis of life to search for alternatives in case you do not get what you have been after. Herein also, you bet you couldn’t have believed to get so many alternatives when you were looking out for ways how to roll sushi without mat. Now that you have got your answers, supposedly you will do a good job of curating an amazing dish. If you liked this post, then do forward it to those who are seeking answers for the same and keep scrolling this website for more!